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NAMM 2015: D’Addario Relaunches CT-10 Clip-On Headstock Tuner

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D’Addario announces the re-release of the Clip-On Guitar Tuner, now with improved features.

“We’ve had a great demand from users to bring back our original CT-10 Headstock Tuner since it was discontinued a few years ago,” said D’Addario Accessories Product Manager Rob Cunningham.

“We listened and returned the model with new and improved features.”

The D’Addario Clip-On Headstock Tuner precisely tunes guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments utilizing vibrations rather than sound. Using a highly sensitive piezo sensor and large multi-color display, the Clip-On Headstock Tuner allows guitarists to tune easily and accurately in noisy and dimly lit environments where many other tuners fail.

It features a large, multi-color display, and 360-degree rotation for various viewing angles and left- and right-handed instruments. The tuner features a flip-up display that automatically turns the tuner on when opened and off when closed. The screen is also reversible. The tuner offers a wide calibration range of 410–480 hz.

The PW-CT-10 Clip-On Headstock Tuner will retail for $44.95 and will be available as of January 17.

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