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Get a massive 60% off Positive Grid’s BIAS Elite guitar amp and FX modeling plugins at Sweetwater

(Image credit: Sweetwater)

Black Friday 2019 has been and gone, but there are still thousands of incredible deals to be had at your favorite music retailers around the web. 

Over at Sweetwater, you can get the Positive Grid BIAS Elite Combo Amp and FX Modeling Plug-in for only $159. That’s a crazy $240 price drop or 60% off!

With all these Black Friday and Cyber Monday guitar amp deals around, why not simplify the whole thing and get one of the leading amplifier and effects modelers out there right now?

With BIAS FX 2 Elite, you get 100 amplifiers, 100 effects, 18 rack processors, 18 modeled guitars and tons more. Now if that isn’t the best bang for your buck this Black Friday we don’t know what is.

Also included are looper/recorder and advanced MIDI/automation functionalities all packed into a simple and easy to follow user interface.

With BIAS Amp 2 Elite, you get incredibly accurate, thorough and versatile amp modeling software, genuine speaker IRs from Celestion - one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of loudspeakers, a speaker cabinet module with open and closed-back cab emulations, multiple mic mixing on the same cab and loads more - again built into a satisfyingly simple user interface.

For more information on this incredible deal, head over to Sweetwater

Positive Grid Bias Elite plugin bundle: now only $159
An all-in-one amp modeling software solution. With 100 amps, 100 effects, 18 rack processors, 18 guitars and tons more, this is perhaps one of the best value deals we've seen all Black Friday.View Deal

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