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Get your pedal fix ahead of Black Friday with up to $90 off a range of BBE effects pedals at Sweetwater

Get your pedal fix ahead of Black Friday with up to $90 off a range of BBE effects pedals at Sweetwater
(Image credit: BBE)

Guitar pedals are among the most addictive habits in the world, with some players spending thousands on their stompbox habit. Luckily as we see the Black Friday guitar deals roll in, as too do the pedal deals - meaning you don’t need to bankrupt yourself for your next fix. The Sweetwater early Black Friday sale is in full swing and sees the music retail giant slash the price of BBE pedals to as little as $49.99.

Arguably more famous for their ever-popular rack-mounted Sonic Maximizer, BBE Sound Inc, have used the expertise gained in pro audio and brought it to the world of guitar effects, creating a range of stompboxes that are both affordable and great sounding. On offer, we have a boost, compressor, analog delay, and two distortion pedals - that’s all the major pedal food groups right there, and strung together they could make a pretty formidable pedalboard in its own right. 

Below you’ll find a link to each pedal on offer, but be quick as this deal is only available while stocks last. 

BBE Boosta Grande MBG-20 Boost: $160

BBE Boosta Grande MBG-20 Boost: $160, $49.99
Every pedalboard needs a boost somewhere in the chain. Whether it’s to give your signal a bump for your epic solo or used to push another drive pedal, a good boost is a valuable addition to any ‘board - and at $49.99 this might be the best option. 

BBE VariComp VC-3080 Compressor: $115.00

BBE VariComp VC-3080 Compressor: $115.00, $49.99
A high-quality compressor could be the secret sauce your guitar tone is missing, and this vintage-style three-knob compressor is a cost-effective way to test that theory. This pedal is easy to use, is well built and sounds great - and for $49.99, you can’t go wrong. 

BBE 427 Distortion Pedal: Was $115

BBE 427 Distortion Pedal: Was $115, now $49.99
This pedal is built for one purpose - to provide a meaty distorted tone. This modern-sounding drive takes what was started in the Blacksmith and runs with it, providing excellent control over the tone and gain levels to help you finely tune your tone.

BBE Two Timer Analog Delay: Was $200

BBE Two Timer Analog Delay: Was $200, now $79.99
Sometimes having one delay time just isn’t enough - and that’s where the BBE Two Timer comes in. With two switchable delay times, you can effortlessly jump between a long, intense echo and a quick vintage slap back at the tap of a button. 

BBE Blacksmith Distortion: Was $160

BBE Blacksmith Distortion: Was $160, now $49.99
The Blacksmith delivers a fat, harmonically rich distortion perfect for searing rock riffs and tasty solos using an LED distortion circuit. The 3-band PLEX-EQ controls offer a great deal of control over every element of your tone - and for $49.99, it may be the best distortion you buy this Black Friday. 

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