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GW live at NAMM 2020: PRS shows off its updated Silver Sky, new S2 594s and more

NAMM 2020: PRS sure has been busy at this year's NAMM show.

Between its updated Silver Sky model, stunningly ornate Private Stock Dragon, gorgeous (and well-priced) S2 McCarty series, six new SE models and - last but certainly not least - Mark Holcomb and Dustie Waring signature guitars, we've had trouble keeping up with the company and all of its new creations!

Fortunately though, we were able to sit down with Brian, a PRS employee who showed off some of the company's new creations up close, and detailed what else is afoot at the storied company.

On hand in this particular video are one of the new S2 McCarty models and a new, maple-fretboarded Silver Sky. What we would do to get our hands on one of those...

Anyway, you can check it out above, and be sure to keep an eye out for the rest of our expansive NAMM coverage!