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Save a whopping $600(!) off this hand-wired Vox AC15HW1G12C Tube Combo at Sweetwater

Vox AC15HW1G12C
(Image credit: Vox Amps)

Vox have been responsible for some of the most legendary sounds in music history, their timeless tones made famous by the likes of Brian May, Jimmy Page, Tom Petty and the Edge – and it all started right here.

The AC15 was Vox’s first dedicated electric guitar amplifier, arriving in January 1958 as the popularity of American rock ’n’ roll surged through Britain, inspiring heavier and bluesier sounds. Which is precisely what this AC15HW1G12C 1x12 tube amp does to the absolute highest levels, delivering gorgeous vintage sounds that teleport you back through the decades.

Though it normally retails for $1499.99, we've just learned Sweetwater have cut that by nearly half all the way down to $849. Which, quite frankly, is a ridiculous saving on a hand-wired, two-channel, matched tube combo that also benefits from an OP switch that halves its output power for quieter home recording and practicing.

It’s classy, rich and chimey – and with this discount, practically a steal. Grab one before they’re all gone over at Sweetwater.

Vox AC15 hand-wired tube amp: $600 off at Sweetwater

Vox AC15 hand-wired tube amp: $600 off at Sweetwater
Hurry and get this AC15HW1G12C combo for almost half-price. Famous for its boutique vintage flair and rich sense of history, this tonesome Vox combo won't hang around for long.

Amit Sharma

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