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Synergy unveils high-gain Fryette Pittbull Ultra-Lead module

Synergy introduces the Fryette Pittbull Ultra-Lead module
(Image credit: Synergy Amplification)

With its onboard 6-band EQ and range of Boost, Shift and Edge switches, the Fryette Pittbull Ultra-Lead has been a go-to guitar amp for artists ranging from Helmet’s Page Hamilton to Slipknot’s Mick Thompson and Volbeat’s Rob Caggiano. 

Now Synergy Amplification has teamed up with amp designer Steven Fryette for a module version of the high-gain head.

The Fryette Pittbull Ultra-Lead module is an all-tube design ideal for direct-recording, lower-stage-volume and compact-guitar-rig setups. 

The module boasts a pair of 12AX7 preamp tubes and two channels - Green and Red - each with Gain, Volume, Hi Gain and Shift Switches.

There’s also shared treble, middle, bass and presence controls and an assignable six-band graphic EQ, and the module automatically selects between two cathode profiles to ensure that each channel mode will exhibit the distinct feel and tonal balance of the Ultra-Lead.

The new Fryette module follows similar Synergy collaborations, including Bogner Ecstasy and Ubershall and Engl Powerball preamp modules. 

The Fryette Pittbull Ultra-Lead module is available for $399. For more information, head to Synergy Amps.