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Take center stage with 20% off everything you need to play live at Guitar Center

Take center stage with 20% off everything you need to play live at Guitar Center
(Image credit: Guitar Center )

For us live musicians, it’s felt like a lifetime since we’ve graced the stage and let loose. It’s been a year of playing in our bedrooms, over zoom calls, or playing one-man shows in the garden to our significant others - whether they liked it or not. Finally, however, there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel, with live music starting to return to full health, and luckily for you, Guitar Center is offering up to 20% off everything you need to gear up to gig.

Getting back to gigging may feel daunting and a little overwhelming, but there’s no need to worry - it’s like riding a bike - you never forget how to do it. Although, a great first step would be to make sure all your equipment is up to scratch and to upgrade anything that is below par. Is your electric guitar looking a little tired? Well, you’ll want to take advantage of the $160 off the Fender Player Stratocaster HSS Plus Top Stratocaster. Perhaps your current combo amp doesn’t cut the mustard? In that case, look no further than one of the most popular gigging amps of all time with $50 off the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.  

It’s not just guitar-related equipment on offer. There are also deals to be had on drums, keys and even quality PA systems. With the Electro-Voice EVOLVE 30M, you’ll never struggle to be heard again, and with a saving of $100, you really can’t go wrong. Click the link below to see everything Guitar Center has to offer in this fantastic sales event. 

Gear up to gig with up to 20% off at Guitar Center
Get ready to take center stage with mega discounts on everything from electric guitars, combo amps, keyboards, and portable PA systems at Guitar Center. The gear up to gig sales event offering musicians up to 20% off everything you need to be stage ready. You have until 23 June to grab yourself a bargain. View Deal

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