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Take your amp modeler to the next level with $100 off a Line 6 Powercab

Line 6 Powercab
(Image credit: Line 6)

So, you’ve got your Helix (with a free backpack, if you’re quick) or similar amp modeler, but you want to gig it live - the solution is the Powercab, and there’s a great deal to be had this Cyber Monday.

Musician’s Friend is slashing $100 off the asking price for this 1x12 full-range flat-response cab, taking the price you pay down to just $499.

Not only does the Powercab perfectly replicate your carefully created amp models, it also boasts onboard Speaker Modeling to replicate six classic speakers, while there’s an XLR output to run the whole lot into a PA.

Line 6 Powercab 112 FRFR speaker cab: was $599, now $499
This feature-loaded 1x12 speaker cab is the perfect gigging match for any amp modeler, thanks to its full-range flat response, and clever onboard Speaker Modeling. Improve your live sound today for less with this $100 saving at Musician's Friend.View Deal

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