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The 10 best pedalboard power supplies

Best pedalboard power supplies: Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital
(Image credit: Voodoo Lab)

Identifying the best pedalboard power supply for your setup might not rank among the most exciting aspects of building your rig, but the right unit goes a long way toward facilitating some of those more fun parts of gear acquisition - namely, adding new pedals to your effects line-up.

In fact, as your pedalboard grows, you’ll find that a good power supply is a necessity. As the number of effects in your rig increases, it will become clear that merely daisy-chaining all your pedals together will lead to increased hum or buzz. The benefit of a power supply—and in particular a supply with isolated outputs—is noise reduction in your signal chain and a cleaner, more intuitive pedalboard operation overall.

Isolated outputs also ensure that the current delivered to a pedal is consistent, which helps when dealing with distinctions between lower-draw effects and more powerful digital stompboxes and multi-effect units.

As with anything else in the gear world, there’s plenty of variety to be found in the power supply market, from size to features to price point. With that in mind, Guitar World offers up this list of 10 of the best pedalboard power supplies available today.

The best pedalboard power supplies you can buy

Best pedalboard power supplies: MXR Iso-Brick

(Image credit: MXR)

1. MXR Iso-Brick

A fully isolated version of the terrific MXR DC brick

Launch price: $214/£199 | Type: Isolated power supply | Isolated outputs: 10 | Switchable voltage: N/A | Features: 2 9V DC 100mA outputs, 2 9V DC 300mA outputs, 2 9V DC 450mA outputs, 2 18V DC 250mA outputs, 2 variable 6-15V DC 250mA outputs

Compact/quite portable
Outputs are fully isolated
LED indicators
Outputs have specific uses that might not be convenient in every situation

The Iso-Brick boasts 10 outputs, making it possible to run a wide range of pedals with noise-free DC power. The outputs are fully isolated and extremely quiet, and accommodate a variety of voltage and current requirements—two 9V outputs at 100mA, two 9V outputs at 300mA, two 9V outputs at 450mA, two 18V outputs at 250mA and—in one particularly cool feature—two 6-15V variable voltage outputs that can emulate voltage “sag.”

Beyond just doing its job—and rather well, we might add—the Iso-Brick offers additional thoughtful touches, including a recessed, right-angled power cable for easy pedalboard placement and glowing LED indicators on each output to keep the user up to speed on the status of the connected pedal. It all adds up to a pedalboard power supply that will quickly become an essential part of your 'board's operation.

Best pedalboard power supplies: Strymon Ojai

(Image credit: Strymon)

2. Strymon Ojai

Small box, big power

Launch price: $149/£149.95 | Type: Isolated power supply | Isolated outputs: 5 | Switchable voltage: Automatic | Weight: .29 pounds | Features: Chain additional units

500mA current on each output
Ojai units can be chained together
Automatic worldwide power compatibility 
Separate, laptop-style power supply

The Strymon Ojai is a powerful, compact box offering five high-current outputs that offer a massive 500mA on each output. The five outputs are also individually isolated, ultra-low-noise and have their own dedicated regulators and custom transformers. And if five isn’t enough, additional Ojai units can be added on via a 24V Thru jack, without the need to plug into a wall outlet.

There’s also two stages of isolation, eliminating ground loop and AC line noise issues, as well as automatic worldwide power compatibility for ease of use on stages anywhere in the world. What’s more, the Ojai comes in a low-profile R30 version for smaller boards, as well as a larger, nine-output Zuma model (the Zuma, meanwhile, also comes in its own low-profile iteration, the R300).

Best pedalboard power supplies: Mooer Macro Power S8

(Image credit: Mooer)

3. Mooer Macro Power S8

The best pedalboard power supply for partially isolated power on a budget

Launch price: $98/£79 | Type: Partially isolated power supply | Isolated outputs: 4 | Outputs: 4 | Switchable voltage: Yes | Weight: 2.47 pounds | Features: 1 9/12/15/18V DC 200mA output

Competitively priced
LED indicators 
Voltage switching for worldwide use
Only four isolated outputs

The Macro Power S8 boasts a combination of eight isolated and non-isolated outputs—one switchable 9V, 12V, 15V and 18V at 200mA, three independent 9Vs at 200mA and four parallel 9Vs that share a total of 400mA. 

While the non-isolated 400mA isn’t a huge amount, it’s substantial enough to handle most digital pedals. If not, there’s a handy LED that switches off when a pedal requires more power than the output has available. There’s also overcurrent protection and voltage switching for worldwide use, making the Macro Power a versatile and extremely handy unit—especially at its price point.

Best pedalboard power supplies: Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital

(Image credit: Voodoo Lab)

4. Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital

Handle high-current effects with ease

Launch price: $139/£165.60 | Type: Isolated power supply | Isolated outputs: 4 | Switchable voltage: Yes | Weight: N/A | Features: Temperature-controlled fan

Great for high-current digital pedals
Temperature-controlled fan
Switchable voltage
Large design

The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power boasts four 9V isolated 400mA outputs designed for high-current, DSP-based pedals. Two of the outputs also feature a 12V option. Other features include linear regulation and a toroidal transformer, switchable voltage and a temperature-controlled fan. 

Straightforward, well-built and easy-to-use, the unit is an ideal option for dealing with power-soaking, high-output digital effects.

Best pedalboard power supplies: Mission Engineering 529

(Image credit: Mission Engineering )

5. Mission Engineering 529

Bring USB power to your pedalboard

Launch price: $155/£199 | Type: Isolated USB power supply | Isolated outputs: 5 | Outputs: 4 150mA 9V outputs, 1 500mA 9V output | Switchable voltage: Yes | Weight: .25 pounds

USB power
Can be used with portable battery packs
Five isolated outputs
Some outputs might not provide enough power for digital pedals

Mission Engineering’s 529 power converter makes it possible to power a pedalboard via USB. You can power up to four standard and one high-powered pedal (via four 150mA and one 500mA outputs) using a phone charger, laptop or any USB port. There’s also an included USB dual wall power supply.

Conveniently, the 529 can be connected to a portable battery pack, and you can also daisy chain two units together to power up to 10 pedals. Even two 529s don’t take up a lot of space—the box stands just an inch tall and weighs a quarter pound.

Best pedalboard power supplies: Walrus Audio Phoenix

(Image credit: Walrus Audio)

6. Walrus Audio Phoenix

A 15-output isolated clean power supply

Launch price: $279/£182 | Type: Isolated DC power supply | Isolated outputs: 15 | Outputs: 8 x 100mA outputs, 4 high-current 300mA outputs, 2 switchable 9-volt/12-volt outputs, 1 switchable 9-volt/18-volt output | Switchable voltage: Yes | Weight: N/A

Handles 15 pedals
All isolated outputs
Toggle switches for variable voltage
It's not cheap

The Walrus Audio Phoenix is an absolute beast, giving you isolated power that can handle 9, 12 and 18V power in a total of 15 different pedals. Four 300mA outlets are available and made to handle larger pedals while keeping your signal clean and noise-free. Toroidal transformers assist in this process by providing noise filtering and clean power.

Additionally, the unit comes with 15 – 2.1mm barrel black power cables, 2 – 2.1mm barrel red (center positive) cables and a detachable IEC cable.

Best pedalboard power supplies: Joyo Power Supply 2 JP-02

(Image credit: Joyo)

7. Joyo Power Supply 2 JP-02

A range of output options at one low price

Launch price: $59 | Type: Isolated DC power supply | Isolated outputs: 10 | Outputs: 7 x 100mA 9V outputs, 1 x 500mA 9V output, 1 x 100mA 12V output, 1 x 100mA 18V output | Weight: N/A

Low price point
10 isolated outputs
LED short circuit warning indicators
Power adaptor is a bit unwieldy

The Joyo JP-02 boasts 10 filtered outputs, with power options for 9V, 12V and 18V effects. Each output is at 100mA, with one 9V output at 500mA. Each output also has an isolated short circuit and overcurrent protection. Additionally, there are bright blue LEDs that serve as handy short circuit warning indicators.

The unit comes in a slim-design rugged steel casing and, best of all, is available for a low, low price tag.

Best pedalboard power supplies: T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior V2

(Image credit: T-Rex)

8. T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior V2

Streamlined and wallet-friendly unit is a great small-board solution

Launch price: $145/£110 | Type: Isolated DC power supply | Isolated outputs: 5 | Outputs: 5 x 9V DC 120mA outputs | Switchable voltage: Yes | Weight: 1.15 pounds

Affordably priced
Good for small pedalboards
Switchable voltage
Not ideal for high-current effects

A small and simple power solution, the Fuel Tank Junior (the most compact of T-Rex’s four Fuel Tank units) boasts five isolated 9V DC outputs, with all necessary cables included. Each output puts out up to 120mA, and you can also use two of the outputs to power an 18V pedal—or even power five pedals from one output—with a max of 24mA each. There’s also switchable 115V/230V operation for international use.

Overall, a great—and affordable—unit, especially if don’t need to power more than a few pedals at once.

Best pedalboard power supplies: Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS12

(Image credit: Truetone)

9. Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS12

A 12-output powerhouse

Launch price: $269/£195 | Type: Isolated power supply | Isolated outputs: 12 | Switchable voltage: Yes | Weight: 2.34 pounds | Features: Mounting kit, 1 4-9V output, 2 18V outputs, 2 high-current outputs, 1 9V AC output

12 isolated outputs
Switchable voltage
9V AC output
Not much!

A true powerhouse, the Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS12 boasts 12 fully isolated outputs—six 9V outputs from 100mA - 250mA, one 4-9V variable output, two high-draw 9V outputs and two 18V outputs. Additionally, there’s a 9V AC output, which can be used to power older Whammy and DigiTech pedals. 

Furthermore, outlets three through six are switchable between 9-volt and 12-volt operation, and individual toggle switches on the bottom of the power brick allow the user to set up any combination of power values.

You also get a variety of cables in lengths from 21” to 26,” three adapters for pedals with reversed polarity or different jack types and a 9-volt battery adapter cable. A power supply that should cover all your needs.

Accel FX Power Source 10M

(Image credit: Axel FX)

10. Accel FX Power Source 10M

Straightforward power at a super low price

Launch price: $69 | Type: DC power supply | Outputs: 7 x 9V DC 100mA outputs, 1 x 9V DC 500mA output, 1 x 12V DC 100mA output, 1 x 18V DC 100ma output | Weight: 1 pound

Low price
Offers 9V, 12V and 18V options
Color-assigned LED indicator
Outputs are not isolated

Accel's Power Source 10M boasts 10 regulated and filtered outputs with a variety of voltage and power options. Outputs 1-7 are 9V at 100mA, while output 8 is 9V at 500mA (with an option to daisy chain more than one 9V pedal). Additionally, there’s individual 12V and 18V outputs at 100mA.

There’s also all necessary cables, over-voltage protection and an LED indicator in a different color for each output voltage/mA. And it all comes at a great price to boot.