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Get D'Addario's ultra-precise Equinox Headstock Tuner for only $15 ahead of Amazon Prime Day

D'Addario Equinox Headstock tuner
(Image credit: Guitar Center)

We get it. Tuning up is hardly the sexiest part of guitar playing. But make no mistake, the best guitar tuners can make or break your sound. Many guitarists look to kit out their pedalboards with more obvious tonal-shaping effects like delay, reverb and chorus, when in fact, investing in a solid tuner would often do more for their overall tone.

Tuners can come either as unit to insert into your signal chain or, more simply, as a clip-on headstock tuner. The benefits of the latter include no need for a power supply – as they are most often battery powered – and unmatched portability.

D'Addario's Equinox Headstock tuner is a simple-to-use, expertly designed piece of kit that promises pinpoint-precise tuning, every time. Using a highly sensitive piezo sensor to detect vibrations rather than sound, it's capable of accurately displaying the pitch of both electric and acoustic guitars, basses and indeed many other stringed instruments.

It's even got a large multi-color display for easy tuning in dimly lit environments like stage settings.

In this early Amazon Prime Day deal at Guitar Center – for a limited time only – you can get the D'Addario Equinox Headstock tuner for only $14.99. That's a pretty big saving of 40%. So wait no further – get this essential accessory today.

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D'Addario Equinox Headstock tuner: only $14.99
This super-precise, ultra-portable headstock tuner will serve your tuning needs for ages to come. With a highly sensitive vibration-detecting piezo sensor, you'll get accurate tuning readings every time.View Deal

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