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NAMM 2020 video: We got to see that pedal you pour drinks into up close

NAMM 2020: We've seen a lot of gear thus far at this year's NAMM show, but nothing half as crazy as Rainger FX's Minibar pedal.

This mini-pedal won't do a thing until you pour liquid into it. That's right, you're being encouraged to spill your drink onto this particular pedal! The characteristics of whatever liquid, or combination of liquids, you pour into it are what ends up determining your sound.

So how the hell does thing work exactly? Our Digital Editor-in-Chief, Michael Astley-Brown, stopped by the company's booth to find out. 

Once there, we got to see David Rainger try out a few different liquids with the pedal - Jägermeister, nail polish remover and Coca-Cola. Rainger also mentioned that Jack Daniels sounds "brilliant," vodka is "a bit full-on" and distilled water is "chunky." Who'd have thought! 

You can check out Rainger's full, incredibly amusing, demo above, and be sure to peruse the rest of our NAMM coverage while you're at it!