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Save 15% on effects from Keeley, Wampler, JHS, Diezel, Bognor, Friedman, J. Rockett and more

Save 15% on effects from Keeley, Wampler, JHS, Diezel, Bognor, Friedman, J. Rockett and more
(Image credit: Sweetwater)

While the day itself hasn't arrived yet, the Black Friday guitar deals have started in earnest. And right now, these monster effects deals might be the best we've seen so far. 

If you're looking to complete your pedalboard or treat yourself to some new pedals, now could be the perfect time – Sweetwater has just announced 15% price drops on over 100 pedals from top brands.

These offers range from the Bognor Oxford fuzz, currently only $99.99, and a $35 saving on Keeley's killer D&M drive. But this is just a small glimpse into the deals to be explored. We've included our highlights below, but we'd strongly advise taking a look for yourself – you're bound to find some things you like:

Explore all of Sweetwater's effects discounts

Save 15% on J. Rockett effects and power supplies
J. Rockett is offering the biggest selection of all the brands here, with prices ranging from $67.15 for the Audio Design power distributor up to $211.65 for the Tim Pierce signature overdrive.View Deal

Save 15% on a range of Matthews Effects
There are five Matthews pedals up for grabs in the Sweetwater sale, including the Astronomer V2 Celestial reverb, Whaler V2 Fuzz and Chemist V2 Atomic Modulator.View Deal

Save 15% on Bogner effects
Bognor pedals don't come cheap, but if you've had your eye on one, now could be the time to strike with big money to be saved on drive, fuzz and compressor pedals.View Deal

Get 15% off select Wampler effects
Make savings on everything from the Tumnus Transparent overdrive to the Faux Tape Echo V2 delay. Click to explore the full range of discounted pedals.View Deal

Save 15% on Friedman pedals and more
It's not just Friedman pedals lining up for discount, you can also pick up cut-price pedalboard power supplies, cab simulators and more.View Deal

Save $34.50 on the Diezel VH4
You want distortion? You got it! Get wide ranging controls for gain, treble, middle and bass, plus presence, deep and master controls to help you shape the low-end and mid-range bite.View Deal

Save 15% off JHS pedals
You don't need much cash to take advantage of the massive JHS discounts. $29.75 will score you a funky red foot switch, while $46.75 will get you a killer kill switch.View Deal

Save 15% on Keeley pedals
Robert Keeley's handcrafted American pedals are widely regarded, so any opportunity to get money off a D&M Drive, a Dark Side Workstation or any of the other pedalboard powerhouses featured is a good deal.View Deal

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