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Save big on guitar gear this Independence Day weekend with 4th of July sales from Musician’s Friend and Guitar Center

Save big on guitar gear this Independence Day weekend with 4th of July sales from Musician’s Friend and Guitar Center
(Image credit: Guitar Center/Musician's Friend)

Independence Day is quickly approaching, and what better way to celebrate than loading up the grill, sitting back with a few beers and getting that brand new piece of gear you wanted at an unbeatable price? Sounds heavenly, right? Well, luckily for you, Guitar Center’s 4th of July sale is in full swing, and they have been liberally slashing the prices of some awesome electric guitars, acoustic guitars, guitar amps and accessories. Musician’s Friend has joined in on the action too, with up to 30% off a wide range of gear. You can rest assured that you’ll find a great deal, no matter what you’re after this 4th of July.

With deals on Fender Telecasters, Epiphone SG’s, Martin and Epiphone acoustics and more, it’s likely to become an expensive (although slightly less expensive than it could have been) weekend. We’ve rounded up our favorite deals of the weekend here, just for you. Let’s take a look.

Fender Player Stratocaster Ltd Edition: $749.99

Fender Player Stratocaster Ltd Edition: $749.99, now $649.99
It’s hard to find fault with the iconic strat at the best of times, especially when you’re channeling your inner Gilmour. Rich bass, a punchy mid-range and biting treble makes this Limited Edition Player Strat a truly versatile beast. Not only does this Strat scream Gilmour, but it looks killer in its own right. It’s the perfect guitar for those universe-swallowing reverbs and delays, or as many shreddy lead lines as you can throw at it. As if it couldn’t get any better, save a massive $100 at Guitar Center. 

Fender Player Stratocaster Surf Pearl: £749.99

Fender Player Stratocaster Surf Pearl: £749.99, now $649.99
What is the perfect number of Strats to own? Turns out it’s one more than what you already have. This Limited Edition Player Series offering is hard to beat, with stunningly good looks and classic Strat tones aplenty. Finished off with three Player Series Stratocaster single coils and an unmistakable ‘Fender’ Surf Pearl finish, this versatile beauty is up for anything you throw at it. Save $100 at Guitar Center this weekend. 

Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster: $1,099.99

Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster: $1,099.99, now $899.99
Say what you like about 'road worn' guitars, we think they look pretty darn cool. Every knock, ding or scratch can tell a story, and this Road Worn '50s Telecaster definitely looks like it could tell a story or two. The bones of it are traditional Tele, through and through - but finished in a dashing purple? Well, that's enough to turn anyone's head. With an extra $200 off this holiday weekend, grab one while you can.

Epiphone SG Traditional Pro: Was $449, now $379

Epiphone SG Traditional Pro: Was $449, now $379
Part of the 'Inspired by Gibson' collection, this SG Traditional Pro recreates an icon of the '60s, with some modern touches. A 22-fret slim taper neck provides speed and comfort, and the LockTone T-O-M bridge delivers some serious tuning stability - meaning you can really dig in and see what the Alnico Classic PRO humbuckers can do. Expect vintage tones, with plenty of grit - but make the most of the coil splits for something a little more delicate. Grab this versatile beast in Metallic Gold, Cobalt Fade, Sparkling Burgundy or Graphite Black, with $70 off at Guitar Center.

D'Angelico Excel Series SS: Was $1,799.99, now £1,199.99

D'Angelico Excel Series SS: Was $1,799.99, now £1,199.99
This stunning D'Angelico hollow body could be the blues guitar of your dreams. The 15-inch-wide body creates a charming low end warmth that is nigh-on unbeatable, and the Seymour Duncan 59 Humbuckers bring some vintage-sounding heat to the party. Musician's Friend has knocked off a monstrous $600 - is that enough to twist your arm? 

Martin Special 000 Acoustic Guitar: $999.99

Martin Special 000 Acoustic Guitar: $999.99, now $849.99
Martin has got the formula nailed when it comes to making an amazing acoustic guitar. A solid spruce top and solid sapele back and sides deliver a smooth, warm tone with enough brightness to cut through the mix. An all-solid Martin for under $1,000 is a rare sight, and with Musician's Friend knocking off another $150, we wouldn't pass this up.

Vox AC15C1 Limited Black & Tan: $799.99

Vox AC15C1 Limited Black & Tan: $799.99, now $679.99
The Vox AC15 is responsible for some truly iconic British rock tones, thanks to its' unmistakably and unapologetically brash 'Top Boost' channel. With saturated classic rock tones aplenty, the 'Normal' channel on this amp delivers some of the most delicate and pristine cleans you've ever heard. Musician's Friend has slashed a hefty $120 off this gorgeous black and tan limited edition AC15 for Independence Day weekend, just in case you needed more persuading.

D’Addario Planet Waves CT-20 Tuner: $89.99

D’Addario Planet Waves CT-20 Tuner: $89.99, now $69.99
Yes, yes - we know that tuner pedals aren't the most glamorous of guitar purchases, but you're lying to yourself if you say you don't need one. The CT-20 is everything you might need in a guitar tuner - stomp-proof, and easy to see with a massive full-color display. It's quick to detect where your tuning needs a tweak, making sure you can spend more time doing what you love. With $20 off this holiday weekend, do the right thing for those who have to listen to you play.

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