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These incredible Prime Day Apple AirPods deals are the best you’re going to see this year

These incredible Prime Day Apple AirPods deals are the best you’re going to see this year
(Image credit: Apple)

While we’re bringing you some stellar Prime Day guitar deals on everything from guitars and amps, to effects and accessories, Prime Day is also yielding some crazy deals on the other stuff we use to make and enjoy music.

Headphones and earbuds are staple items for any music lover, whether it’s listening to music, playing our guitars without disturbing anyone, or checking our latest recordings and mixes on a ‘standard’ system.

Due to their comfort, excellent sound quality and overwhelming popularity, Apple AirPods check all of the above boxes and more, but with this comes a steep price tag, until today, that is! You can save big on both AirPods Pro and regular AirPods (2nd gen) during Prime Day, with deals starting from as little as $115/£129.

AirPods w/wired charging case | $159.99, now $114.99
This is the lowest-price AirPods deal out there right now! If you don't mind plugging your case into the mains to charge, these AirPods are loaded with the same tech as the 2nd gen AirPod apart from wireless charging.View Deal

AirPods 2 w/wireless case | $199, now $149
Save $20 - that's $40 - on the 2nd-generation AirPods complete with a wireless charging case. Head to Amazon before these run out!View Deal

AirPods Pro | $249, now $219
This insane deal for the flagship AirPods Pros is live right now on Amazon. If you're after instant pairing, superb audio clarity and excellent noise cancelling, these are the buds to go for.View Deal

Why AirPods Pro?

The sound
AirPods Pros feature a built-in Adaptive EQ which voices the AirPods’ response to your ear shape to ensure that you’re receiving the best quality reproduction possible. Spatial audio takes the sound out of your head, and gives you a more immersive experience similar to a home cinema system, while the Active Noise Cancelling tech helps to eliminate interference from the outside world, leaving you to enjoy the music and sounds you’re listening to.

AirPods are always on, ready to go. Simply remove them from your charging case and they’ll automatically pair with your device. As well as this, AirPods can react to voice commands, automatically sense and react to whether they’re placed in your ears or not - and start/stop your audio accordingly.

They can also react to voice commands, and are sweat and water-resistant to the IPX4 standards, meaning that Airpods Pro can be your take-anywhere earbuds: from guitar practice to working-out.

Regular AirPods are equipped with many of the same features, but the form and design are slightly different. The biggest feature you lose is the lack of Active Noise Cancelling, which is reflected in the price difference. If that’s not an issue for you, you can secure yourself a pair of standard AirPods for a lot less than Airpods Pros!

In the UK? Here are the best AirPod deals for you

AirPods Pro | £249, now £199
AirPods Pros have only been out for a year, which makes this deal from Laptops Direct even more surprising. If you want fast pairing, clear audio and exceptional noise cancelling, these are the AirPods for you.View Deal

AirPods 2 w/wireless case | £199, now £159
You can save £40 on the 2nd-generation AirPods with wireless charging case at Amazon right now. If you can front the cash, these are the best AirPods Pro alternatives for your money.View Deal

AirPods 2 w/charging case | £159, now £129
This deal at Laptops Direct saves you £30 off the original price of the 2nd-generation AirPods with the standard charging case. Act fast before these sell out!View Deal

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