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Get 50% off Fender Play and 10% off all Fender gear in this awesome Black Friday deal

(Image credit: Fender)

With the approach of Black Friday 2019, we’ve been finding the best Black Friday guitar deals from around the web for you - our loyal readers. 

We came across this awesome deal on Fender Play - 50% off a 12 month subscription plus 10% off all Fender guitars, amps and gear for an entire year.

Fender Play is a complete online guitar lessons program for learning acoustic and electric guitar, bass and ukulele. With a step-by-step plan of bite-size lessons for all of your favorite tracks, it might just be the best investment you’ll make this Black Friday.

While the annual plan usually costs $89.99, an entire year’s worth of Fender Play now costs only $45. That’s only $3.75 per month for some of the best guitar lessons money can buy.

And with 10% off Fender gear for a year, this is the time to jump on an all-inclusive guitar beginner program.

For more information, head over to Fender Play.

50% off an annual subscription to Fender Play
Packed with bite-sized lessons on everything from technique to song tutorials, Fender Play is one of the best ways to learn guitar - and it's now 50% off. This deal also secures up to 10% off all Fender gear for a year!View Deal

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