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Cyber Monday guitar deals 2021: what to expect

Cyber Monday guitar deals 2021: what to expect
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Late November sees the biggest sales event of the year, which kicks off with Black Friday and culminates in Cyber Monday. This online sale is the ultimate place to pick up a mega deal on the best electric guitar, yet another overdrive pedal, or even a brand new combo amp, and if the Cyber Monday guitar deals are anything like last year's, it's going to be epic. 

Before you know it, Cyber Monday will be here, and you really want to be as prepared as possible - the more research you do now, the more likely you are to pick up a bargain when the sale drops on 29 November. 

Luckily we're going to be doing all the hard work for you, as we'll be scouring the internet for the best Cyber Monday guitar deals we can find - so keep your eyes locked on this page.

Right now, some of the best early guitar deals are taking place at Guitar Center, where guitarists can save big bucks in their official Black Friday sale, plus 15% off qualifying orders over $199 with the code blackfriday15. Elsewhere, Sweetwater has launched its early deals, promising up to 70% off a range of guitar gear, from electric and acoustic, to amps and effects.

Cyber Monday guitar deals: Quick links

Cyber Monday guitar deals: Top deals

Fender Player Telecaster Plus: $829.99

Fender Player Telecaster Plus: $829.99, now $699.99
Fender Player Telecaster Plus is a fantastic option for those seeking the unique sound only a Telecaster provides, but with a sleek modern edge. The inclusion of a flame maple veneer and striking blue burst finish gives this already stunning guitar a completely new look, and with $300 off, it gets even better.  

Epiphone ES-335 Traditional Pro: $599

Epiphone ES-335 Traditional Pro: $599, now $499
Not only is this good-looking semi-hollow $100 cheaper than Epiphone’s regular ES-335, it has the added bonus of coil-splits for its Alnico Classic Pro humbuckers. Throw in a classic layered maple body, rounded C mahogany neck and choice of four finishes, and you get a Cyber Monday-beating Epiphone deal.

Fender Player Stratocaster Plus Top: $859.99

Fender Player Stratocaster Plus Top: $859.99, $699.99
There isn't much a good quality Strat can't do - especially when you have a high-output humbucker in the bridge position. This Fender Player Stratocaster takes the iconic guitar in a modern direction with the addition of an eye-catching flame maple top and a unique blue burst finish - and with $160 off right now at Musician's Friend, how can you say no?   

Boss Pocket GT: $249

Boss Pocket GT: $249, now $199
With an integrated YouTube learning function, 99 user memories, 100 amps and effects, the same sound engine as Boss' GT-1 floor processor, and more, the Pocket GT is a terrific & portable practice Swiss Army Knife. Now, thanks to Guitar Center, it's available for a mouth-watering discount.

Martin Special GPC Road Series: $1,249

Martin Special GPC Road Series: $1,249, $1,062
This is one gorgeous acoustic electric guitar at an incredible price. Obviously, the spruce top looks out of this world but the glossed etimoe back and sides? The only word is stunning. Being a Martin, it plays and sounds every bit as good as it looks, and the Fishman MX-T pickup system will give your audience a share of all that rich tone too.

Cyber Monday guitar deals: Electric guitars

Schecter Reaper: was $699

Schecter Reaper: was $699, now $549
Looking for an axe that will bring the doom? Well, the Schecter Reaper is for you. The swamp ash body with poplar burl top is absolutely stunning, while the 5-ply maple/walnut ultra-thin "C" neck is designed for super-fast shredding. 

D'Angelico Excel Series DC: $1,699.99

D'Angelico Excel Series DC: $1,699.99, $1,099.99
D'Angelico sure knows a thing or two about hollow-body guitars, and the Excel Series proves this old-school jazz brand can make a modern guitar for contemporary players. The Seymour Duncan 59 humbuckers provide a wealth of tones from full-on rock n roll to expressive blues and warm jazz tone, this stunning guitar can do it all. 

Squier Classic Vibe '60s Mustang: $449.99

Squier Classic Vibe '60s Mustang: $449.99, $379.99
The Mustang is a bonafide grunge icon  - its fabulously wonky body has inspired a generation of rebellious musicians and with $70 off right now at Musician’s Friend, you too can join the ranks of alt-rock royalty. The Olympic White also has a sizable saving, if that’s more your style. 

Schecter Guitar Research DEMON-7: $469.99

Schecter Guitar Research DEMON-7: $469.99, $399.49
Nothing screams metal more than a Schecter, and no Schecter screams metal louder than a seven string. That's right, you counted seven strings on this Vintage White beast. If you live to play at the darker, hellish fringes of music then this Demon is the one for you. It sports a basswood body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard and Seymour Duncan Designed HB-107 active pups that are powerful enough to wake the dead. At this price you won't have to sell your soul to get one.

Ibanez GRGR120EX: $199.99

Ibanez GRGR120EX: $199.99, now $169.99
Whether you’re a new player on the lookout for a great beginner electric guitar, or a more seasoned player looking to add an axe to the rack, you won’t go far wrong with the Ibanez GRGR120EX. It’s price-defying features include a sustain-promising poplar body, effortlessly playable 24-fret New Zealand Pine fretboard and a tonally vast pair of Ibanez Infinity humbuckers. And here, its tantalizing price tag is reduced by a further $30.

Schecter C-1 Platinum: was $599.99

Schecter C-1 Platinum: was $599.99, now $509.99
If you’ve got a little extra budget to spend – but are still looking to save where possible – the Schecter C-1 Platinum is a solid all-rounder electric guitar. Boasting an undeniably metal aesthetic – with a Translucent Black finish and gothic-style fretboard inlays, this guitar is spec’d to impress, with an Ultra Access neck joint for uninhibited soloing and a pair of EMG 81/85 humbucking pickups for a wealth of both clean and dirty tones. Get it now with $90 off.

Cyber Monday guitar deals: Acoustic guitars

Epiphone Dove Studio Ltd Ed: $459.99

Epiphone Dove Studio Ltd Ed: $459.99, $389
With its ornate pickguard, imposing size, and classy appointments, the Epiphone Dove is already an absolutely stunning guitar, throw in a brilliant white finish, and it takes this instrument to a whole new level. Featuring the Fishman Sonitone pickup, this acoustic sounds just as good as it looks. 

Fender CC-60SCE Ltd Ed: $349.99

Fender CC-60SCE Ltd Ed: $349.99, $279.99
The Fender CC-60SCE is one of our favourite budget acoustic guitars, and with $70 off at Guitar Center, we love it even more now. This limited edition all-mahogany guitar is finished in a gorgeous Aged Cognac Burst - and we're pleased to say its looks matches its playability. With a comfortable slim neck, an easily manageable Concert body type with a cutaway, and a Fender preamp and pickup on board, this CC-60SCE is ready to be played.

Martin GPC Special Koa X Series: $599.99

Martin GPC Special Koa X Series: $599.99, now $509.99
A proper workhorse acoustic, the Martin GPC Special Koa X Series Grand Performance model is built of stunning koa wood – which ages like a fine wine, only promising greater tonal richness with time. Other features include a gorgeous herringbone ink rosette and a hand-rubbed natural birch laminate neck. And here, Musician’s Friend has knocked almost $100 off its price tag.

Martin GPC Special Koa X Series: $599.99

Martin GPC Special Koa X Series: $599.99, now $509.99
A proper workhorse acoustic, the Martin GPC Special Koa X Series Grand Performance model is built of stunning koa wood – which ages like a fine wine, only promising greater tonal richness with time. Other features include a gorgeous herringbone ink rosette and a hand-rubbed natural birch laminate neck. And here, Musician’s Friend has knocked almost $100 off its price tag.

Cyber Monday guitar deals: Bass guitars

Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass HH: $479.99

Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass HH: $479.99, $429.99
A perfect beginner bass – or indeed a killer addition to any instrument collection – the Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass HH features an excellent set of specs for the price, including a transparent-sounding ash body, maple neck and fingerboard, Squier-designed SQR ceramic humbuckers and a wealth of controls for crafting your perfect bass tone. And you can get it for $50 off now over at Sweetwater.

Squier Contemporary Jazz V HH: $529.99

Squier Contemporary Jazz V HH: $529.99, $479.99
And if four strings just ain’t enough, you can get the Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass V HH now for under $500. It’s got a near identical spec sheet to its four-string counterpart, with an ash body, maple neck and fingerboard and Squier SQR ceramic humbucking pickups, and thus is a brilliantly versatile bass that’ll comfortably handle any genre of music. This deal is only available while stocks last, so get on it ASAP if you’re interested...

Sterling Music Man Ray34HH Bass: $1,029.99

Sterling Music Man Ray34HH Bass: $1,029.99, $699.99
The StingRay has been responsible for some of the most legendary bass tones of all time. The thunderous low-end and bright high-end attack make it perfect for aggressive styles of music, and this sinister all-black finish means it now looks the part as well. Right now, you can save $330 at Musician's Friend. 

Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass: $449.99

Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass: $449.99, $349.99
The Contemporary series builds on Fender's legacy and brings it into the modern-day, with sought-after features and sleek new finishes. The SQR Active Ceramic pickups deliver bags of low-end punch and a clarity only found on active electronics - and even better, you can save $100 off the retail price.

Hofner Ignition Series Violin Bass: $399.99

Hofner Ignition Series Violin Bass: $399.99, $339.99
Now's the time to channel your inner Paul McCartney, without having to channel his millions. This version of the Beatles’ iconic short-scale bass is true to the original with its flatwound strings, teacup knobs and hollow body. Nothing else is going to get you close to that warm, woody tone. Come and Get It…

Cyber Monday guitar deals: Guitar amps

Boss Pocket GT: $249

Boss Pocket GT: $249, now $199
With an integrated YouTube learning function, 99 user memories, 100 amps and effects, the same sound engine as Boss' GT-1 floor processor, and more, the Pocket GT is a terrific & portable practice Swiss Army Knife. Now, thanks to Guitar Center, it's available for a mouth-watering discount.

Cyber Monday guitar deals: Effects pedals

Line 6 DL4 pedal: $299

Line 6 DL4 pedal: $299, now $249
With 16 classic delay and echo effects, 14 seconds of sample-loop memory, three programmable presets, and a whole lot more, there's a reason the DL4 remains a pedalboard staple, even decades after its release. Snag it for a bargain from Guitar Center this Black Friday.

Cyber Monday guitar deals: Strings

D'Addario EXP Acoustic Strings: up to $11 off

D'Addario EXP Acoustic Strings: up to $11 off
Avoid unwanted corrosion and regular string changes with D’Addario’s coated acoustic strings. Available in an array of different gauges, the strings on offer feature an ultra-fine EXP coating that fends off nasties such as sweat, which will keep your acoustic sounding better for longer.

Cyber Monday guitar deals: Guitar case deals


Gruv Gear GigBlade Acoustic Gig Bag:  $199, $129
Got an acoustic that needs protecting? Look no further. With the GigBlade, faux fur, 600D polyester panels and a 1680D nylon waterproof cover provide protection against the weather and accidental whacks, while the side-carry design makes for a convenient carrying experience. There's ample accessory space, too, which is always a bonus.


Gruv Gear GigBlade Ukulele Gig Bag:  $119, $49
Ukuleles are more fragile, so need a gig bag up to the task. Dense polyester walls and plush faux fur lining will keep your instrument safe and sound, and the waterproof hood will keep it sheltered from the elements during transport. Quite possibly the ultimate ukulele gig bag.

Cyber Monday guitar deals: Online lessons

1 year Fender Play + Mustang Micro: $330

1 year Fender Play + Mustang Micro: $330, $129.99
With a total saving of over 60%, you can level up your learning with a whole year’s access to thousands of pro-shot video tutorials covering artists from the Rolling Stones to Ed Sheeran, and get a feature-packed Mustang Micro headphone amplifier completely free.

Cyber Monday guitar deals: FAQ

Cyber Monday is the name given to the Monday directly after Black Friday and sees online retailers continue their outstanding sales. So if you have a hankering for a new piece of music gear, Cyber Monday is the perfect time to grab it! 

Cyber Monday 2021 takes place on Monday 29 November, and if last year's sale is anything to go by, we are likely to see some eye-watering deals on a range of gear from guitars, basses, pedals, and amps. 

It's worth checking out our Black Friday guitar deals hub ahead of the big day, to get in on the action early. 

Cyber Monday guitar deals: what to expect

All major online musical instrument retailers get in on the Cyber Monday action, slashing prices on a myriad of guitars and accessories. 

We've included some highlights from 2020 below, but some of our favorite deals included a fantastic $350 off the D’Angelico Premier Series Atlantic, a whopping $250 off the Line 6 Helix, and $120 off the Ibanez NTS Nu Tube Screamer. These Cyber Monday deals didn't last long. So, act fast - if you see the deal for you, grab it!

The  Amazon and Walmart Cyber Monday sales will be huge, too. Not only do they sell a fair range of music-making gear, these are also the places to pick up things like wireless headphones and Amazon Echo devices.

Cyber Monday guitar deals 2021: Will there be stock issues?

It's no secret that there are massive issues with stock at the moment - and not just with guitar gear. With shortages worldwide and increased demand, it seems getting your hands on that particular guitar is going to be more complicated than ever. 

Now, while it will undoubtedly vary from retailer to retailer and even depend on where you are in the world, our advice remains the same -  if you see a great deal on a piece of gear you want, grab it straight away - if you hang around, you are likely to miss out. 

As we get closer to Christmas, there is a potential for delivery delays, so we'd recommend ordering as early as possible to avoid the risk of the item not arriving on time. Luckily the Black Friday guitar deals tend to start early, so you should be able to grab a bargain in time. 

Cyber Monday guitar deals: how to prepare

Our biggest tip to get ready for the best Cyber Monday guitar deals is to get your research done super early. Work out what you need, not just what you want, and get your wishlist together asap. Make a note of prices as early as possible so you know if a deal is really as good as it suggests when it drops into your inbox or appears on your social media feeds.

To help you create your dream shopping list, take some time out to explore our expert buying guides and product reviews.

Should I buy guitar gear online during Cyber Monday?

If you're concerned about buying a guitar or other gear on Cyber Monday without playing it first, you needn’t be. Online music instrument retailers like Guitar Center , Musician’s Friend and Sweetwater offer hassle-free returns as standard, so you can purchase a guitar, play it in the comfort and privacy of your home and, if it’s not right, send it back without issue. You should check the specific returns policy for your chosen retailer before you purchase, but most offer between 30-45 days to return an item, as long as it’s in original condition.

What else can I buy during Cyber Monday 2021?

It's not just about the Cyber Monday guitar deals in November. Aside from music-making gear discounts, you'll find bargains on great tech like robot vacuum cleaners, iPads, MacBook Pros and Amazon Echos – and you can even pick up groceries, pet food and dishwasher tablets – but it’s the guitar deals we’ll be looking out for.

Cyber Monday guitar deals: last year's top deals

We've picked out a handful of last year's awesome offers, to give you an idea of the kind of Cyber Monday guitar deals you can expect in 2021.

Last year's top Cyber Monday guitar pedal deals


TC Electronic pedals: were $69, now $39 each, save $30
11 of TC's well-respected effects pedals have received hefty discounts at Guitar Center, so if you're looking to expand your pedalboard, now's the time. Chorus, reverb, delay, distortion, drive, overdrive – whatever you're after, all effects are covered in one of the best deals you'll see this holiday season.


Ibanez NTS Nu Tube Screamer: $249 $129, save $120
This radical new take on the world’s favorite overdrive pedal saw Ibanez collaborate with Korg to incorporate the latter’s Nu Tube technology, for a more, well, tube-y dynamic response. Add in true bypass switching and a mix control to blend in your clean tone, and you get a boutique overdrive at a bargain price, with an almighty $120 off at ProAudioStar.


TC Electronic Ditto X4 Looper: was $259, now $199, save $60
TC’s flagship looper has had $60 knocked off the price in what’s certain to be the best looper pedal deal this season. Its no-nonsense workflow gives you two stereo loops with stop/start and undo/redo functionality for each, as well as seven onboard loop FX, and USB connectivity to load backing tracks.


Line 6's Helix Multi-Effects Pedal in Gold: $250 off
Normally, one would associate gold with something that's more expensive, not less! Now though, thanks to Guitar Center, the Line 6 Helix Gold is actually – at $1,449 – the cheapest top-of-the-line Helix out there! All those features and that classy finish at that discounted price? Yes please!


Temple Audio gear: 15% off all pedalboards and accessories
There’s never been a better time to finally get those pedals in order, and Temple Audio has made shopping for a ’board easy, with this very nice 15% discount at Sweetwater. Temple uses a smart design that affixes pedals via zip tie or pedal mounts rather than Velcro, and its modular system means that whatever your pedalboard configuration, you can make it happen. This deal applies to all of the company’s cases, light strips, and patch bays, too, so you can get your pedalboard fully kitted out for less.

Last year's top Cyber Monday acoustic guitar deals


Fender CD-60SCE: was $329.99, now $249.99
If the standard mahogany CD-60S just isn’t quite fancy enough, you’ll love this limited edition acoustic-electric option from Fender. It’s still got the same slim neck as the regular model, but the cutaway provides easy access to the upper frets making those lead lines a breeze. The electronics are courtesy of Fishman, and include a built-in tuner, so you’re all set for live performances and easy recording. Grab it today with $80 off at Musician’s Friend.

Last year's top Cyber Monday electric guitar deals


D’Angelico Premier Series Atlantic: $699, now $349, save $350
In one of the best guitar deals we’ve seen this year, D’Angelico has slashed the price of this uber-cool single-cut in half at Musician’s Friend. Just $349 gets you the Atlantic’s distinctive take on the format, which comes equipped with two coil-splittable Duncan Designed humbuckers, a satin-finished maple neck and D’Angelico’s classy headstock and ‘Stairstep’ tuners. Don’t sleep on this one – we expect these to sell out fast.


PRS SE Custom 22 Whale Blue: $789, now $549, save $239
The Custom 22 is one of the most versatile, dependable electric guitars in the sub-$1,000 price range, and this is just about the best deal we can ever remember seeing on this modern classic. For $549, this is a ridiculous amount of guitar, with a gorgeous Whale Blue-finished maple top on mahogany body, PRS’s ultra-playable Wide Thin mahogany neck profile, coil-splittable PRS humbuckers and PRS-designed tremolo. In short, one of the best guitar deals you’ll see this year, courtesy of Musician’s Friend. Go get it… now!


Fender Player Strat in Surf Pearl: Was $699.99, now $599.99
There’s something about faded green Strats, so the Limited Edition Fender Player Stratocaster in Surf Pearl really caught our attention. Even more so when it’s down from $699 to just $599 at Guitar Center.

Last year's top Cyber Monday bass guitar deals


Sterling by Music Man StingRay Bass: $799 $599, save $200
This updated take on the classic StingRay Bass outline boasts an oh-so-desirable roasted maple neck for smooth playability, while a three-band active preamp provides a wide range of tones. You can save $200 on this natural-finished beauty right now at Guitar Center.

Last year's top Cyber Monday guitar amp deals


Positive Grid Spark Guitar amp: $299/£223, now $239/£179
Positive Grid’s Spark is packed full of tones, effects and innovative features. Whether you’re using the amp’s own smart features, streaming music via Bluetooth, or using the free app to explore more tones and settings, with a sweet $60 knocked off, it’s a deal you won’t want to miss.

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