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Get up to 50% off IK Multimedia Dimebag, Satriani and Brian May Amplitube tones until January!

Get up to 50% off IK Multimedia Dimebag, Satriani and Brian May Amplitube tones until January!
(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

As the retail world dangles Black Friday guitar deals in front of us in an attempt to tease the cash from our wallets, IK Multimedia has unveiled a blanket set of deals to see us right from now until January 4th with its up to 50% off Happy Holideals software sale.

While there are a number of synths, keys and drum sounds available in the promotion, the deals that caught our attention come in the form of add-on packs for IK Multimedia's much-loved Amplitube software. Right now, you can save up to 50% on signature Dimebag Darrell, Joe Satriani and Brian May tone packs.

Amplitube Dimebag Darrell CFH Collection:
$99.99, now $49.99, save $50
Based on Dimebag's Cowboys From Hell tone, this pack was developed under close collaboration with the guy who knew Dime's tone better than anyone: his former guitar tech, Grady Champion. Included are two amps (based on Dimebag's Randall RG 100 ES and Roland JC-120), two matching cabinets and five stompboxes based on Dimebag's MXR graphic EQ, Furman parametric EQ, Cry Baby wah, MXR Flanger Doubler and Rocktron Hush noise gate. Check out the tones to hear how authentic they are! Available right now from IK Multimedia.View Deal

Amplitube Brian May: Was $99.99, now $69.99, save $40
How do you model a unique tone such as Brian May's? You work with the man himself! Amplitube Brian May comes with two amps - the all-important AC-30 and Brian's 'Deacy' amp (built by Queen bassist, John Deacon). As well as this, you get three cabinet models and five stompboxes including a Treble Booster, May Wah (based on Brian's Cry Baby), Fox Phaser (emulation of a fOXX Phaser), star Gate noise gate, and even a Red Special module to impart Brian's prized guitar tone on your own guitar.View Deal

Amplitube Joe Satriani: Was $99.99, now $79.99, save $20
IK Multimedia has packed three amps, (Marshall, Peavey and Rockman emulations) three cabs and five stompboxes into the Joe Satriani signature edition pack. Pedal-wise, you get Satch Wah (Vox wah), Distortion (Boss DS-1), Overdrive (Boss OD-1), Tube Overdrive (Chandler Tube Driver) and Satch Octaver (Ultimate Octaver). It's the closest thing you'll get for $79.99!View Deal

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