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Save $50 on the sleek 'Stomptrooper' edition of Line 6's HX Stomp

Line 6 HX Stomp - Stomptrooper White
(Image credit: Line 6)

In our view, Line 6's HX Stomp is quite simply the best multi-effects pedal you can buy.

Packing a truck-filling guitar rig's worth of sounds into a stompbox that weighs in at less than two pounds, the HX Stomp provides you with more sonic versatility at its price point than just about any other pedal out there. If, however, you find that its jet-black looks leave you cold, we've got great news for you.

Line 6 recently built a new version of the HX Stomp, finished in a decidedly Star Wars-esque 'Stomptrooper White.' Better yet, thanks to a great deal at Sweetwater, you can now get this galactic multi-effects unit at a killer discount.

Usually $649, the HX Stomp in Stomptrooper White is available now for just $599, a whole $50 off. 

That means, for just a hair under $600, you get space for 126 presets, over 300 effects and amps, the pedal's trademark triple capacitive-footswitch setup, USB recording output, four-cable amp integration and a whole lot more.

Be sure to act fast though, as this deal is only live until September 30.

So be sure to head over to Sweetwater ASAP and secure a great bargain on this aesthetically pleasing, industry-leading multi-effects unit.

With Amazon Prime Day on the horizon, we're hoping (and expecting) to see more amazing bargains like this on all kinds of guitar gear. Be sure to bookmark our Prime Day guitar deals page to be the first to hear about them.

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Save $50 on the 'Stomptrooper' edition of Line 6's HX Stomp
For just a hair under $600, you get space for 126 presets, over 300 effects and amps, the HX Stomp's trademark triple capacitive-footswitch setup and a whole lot more - all with a sleek, decidedly galactic look. View Deal