Guitar World Staff Picks: Paul Riario’s Top 5 Acoustic Guitars of 2011



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I guess you people have never heard of

Ervin Somogyi....
Kathy Wingert....
Peter Apers.....
0r any other Luthiers that hand craft their instruments from scratch, using the finest tone woods, and highest quality craftsmanship..

Yamaha ????

Are you serious????



Hi Guys,

Let me quickly comment here..

Fenderman09: There are plenty of great acoustic basses available at that price range. I won't give you model numbers but I highly recommend that you check out acoustic basses from Ibanez, Takamine, Dean and Epiphone. You'll find a number of them between $200-$500. The key is to try the one that has the most comfortable neck shape for your hand and which of those sounds the best acoustically to your ears. I'm confident you'll find a great acoustic bass from one of those four manufacturers.

57 Stratman: I would love to be able to pull that off, but truthfully that is a monumental task. We just don't have the bandwith nor the opportunity to play everything in all the available price ranges. We are lucky to get a cross section of what's available and sometimes in our travels we'll see things that are just worth remembering even if we don't get to review them. I applaud your choices; all of those instruments are excellent acoustics in that price range, but when you get up to the 2K+ numbers you open yourself up to mentioning all the other fine acoustic guitar companies who make superb instruments as well. Someday, I hope, we'll be able to cover a lot more than we can but for now maybe I'll have to extend my list to a Top Ten!



Hey Paul
Can you please recommend some good acoustic electric basses for me? In the $500 range. I want to find something versitlie that sounds good unplugged and plugged.


57 Stratman

I would like to make a suggestion reguarding your list of top 5 acoustic guitars; why not make a list of top 5 acoustic guitars in different price ranges? You know, a list of the top 5 in the $100.00-$350.00 price range; another in the $350-$700 price range; maybe another in the $700-$1500 price range, and so on, as high in price as you want to go. I have done a comparison of $2,000.00 (give or take a few hundred) rosewood bodied guitars, comparing the Martin HD-28, The Gibson Songwriter, The Taylor 710, and the Guild D-50 standard. The first three are definitely well known brands, and very pretty guitars, but for pure volume, projection and lush musicality of tone, take a listen to the Guild D-50 standard. The woods are top of the line, as is the workmanship; Solid Indian rosewoodback and sides, Solid Sitka bearclaw spruce top, one piece Mahogany neck and headstock with a beautiful rosewwod fretboard and headstock overlay, Gotoh tuners, Bone nut, bridge, and bridge pins are stock. Beautiful looking and sounding guitar, I highly reccomend it, because of the four comparison models, this is the one I chose to buy. Seriously, check it out.

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