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Gifts for guitar players: the ultimate guide to gifts for guitarists

Gifts for guitar players: the ultimate guide to gifts for guitarists
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Many will have learned this the hard way – buying gifts for guitar players is not as easy as it sounds. Some guitarists might be hoping for a simple effects pedal - which seems fine enough until you realise how many there are to choose from - while the more cheeky musicians out there might drop hints for a ’59 Les Paul or ’54 Strat. This might sound like a perfectly reasonable request until you see the asking prices.

Thankfully, come birthdays, Christmas or even Valentines, there’s no shortage of genuinely useful gear to get the guitarist in your life – most of which can be picked up without breaking the bank. From capos, effects pedals, mini amps and wireless systems to headphones, bar stools and great beginner guitars, here’s our round-up of the best gifts for guitar players right now, plus the best prices on the web.

These are the best gifts for guitar players

Gifts for guitar players: Boss Katana Mini Amplifier

(Image credit: Boss)

1. Boss Katana Mini Amplifier

A practice amp that’s as portable as it is musical…

Unbelievable value for money at $99
Built-in delay
Deceptively loud

The mini amplifier from the Boss Katana family is a lot louder than it looks, offering three channels and built-in delay. It’s a great amp for beginners and street performers, but it’s also the kind of thing you’ll find in the dressing rooms of top-level touring musicians – its compact size and options for both electric and battery power making it perfect for those pre-show warm-ups.

Gifts for guitar players: KLIQ AirCell guitar strap

(Image credit: KLIQ)

2. KLIQ AirCell guitar strap

The ideal stocking filler gift for guitar players

Looks ace
Supreme playing comfort

Cool looks, supreme comfort and reasonable price; what's not to love about the KLIQ AirCell guitar strap? Air-filled cells on the inside of the 3-inch strap improve comfort during long jam sessions and distribute the weight of your guitar evenly. Because of these cells there's less strap in contact with your shoulders too, helping relieve you from excessive heat and moisture.

Gifts for guitar players: Fender Bar Stool

(Image credit: Fender)

3. Fender Bar Stool

Because we all need to sit down at some point…

Awesome retro look, 
Easy to assemble

Whether it’s in the kitchen, games room or recording studio, this Fender Bar Stool is guaranteed to brighten up the place. Though the less in-your-face Custom shop logo version may appeal to the more higher-end guitarist, there’s something quite special about the fiesta red of the classic Fender design.

Gifts for guitar players: Art & Lutherie Guitars Roadhouse

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4. Art & Lutherie Guitars Roadhouse

One of the best acoustics you can buy for under $500

Character, projection and tone
Great build quality
Available with or without Fishman Sonitone electronics

Our buddies on MusicRadar called this one of the top budget acoustic guitars when it first came out, and it still holds that crown! This low-cost acoustic offers great definition with understated warmth, as well as great playing dynamics. Build quality is excellent too, making it ideal for beginner to intermediate players.

Gifts for guitar players: G7th Performance 3 Art Capo

(Image credit: G7th)

5. G7th Performance 3 Art Capo

Quite possibly the best capo on the market…

Possibly the best capo on the market
Still quite affordable at $54.99
As useful as it is user-friendly

The latest flagship from G7th - producer of arguably the most popular and user-friendly capos around - comes with their Adaptive Radius Technology which allows the capo to adapt to the curve of the fretboard, and more importantly, the strings going across it. Their claim of maximum tuning stability with minimum tension in every position on any guitar neck is certainly a bold one – but also very much true.

Gifts for guitar players: Mogami Gold Series Guitar Cable

(Image credit: Mogami)

6. Mogami Gold Series Guitar Cable

Treat them to one of the best cables around

No unwanted noise
Lifetime warranty
Variety of lengths

If you're going to treat someone to a new guitar cable for Christmas or their next birthday, then you might as well make it the gold standard. The Mogami Gold Series guitar cable has an ultra-high density (UHD) spiral shield and conductive polymer sub-shield to help prevent excessive noise and preserve that signal. The Mogami comes in a variety of lengths and boasts a 'no excuses' lifetime guarantee, too.

Gifts for guitar players: TC Electronic Ditto Loop Pedal

(Image credit: TC Electronic)

7. TC Electronic Ditto Loop Pedal

The ultimate tool for writing and one-man bands…

Clean and realistic looping

Offering five minutes of looping time along with the essential play, stop, undo/redo and erase functions, this innocuous little box with only one dial is one of the top-sellers of its kind. And with good reason – it offers true bypass, Analog-Dry-Through and uncompressed high quality looping at virtually a steal.

Gifts for guitar players: Pedaltrain Metro 16 pedalboard

(Image credit: Press Material)

8. Pedaltrain Metro 16

A compact and portable 'board for your FX

Good value
Pedal arranging is easy

If you have around five to eight effects pedals then the compact Metro 16 is the ideal size. Pedals attach to the board with Pedaltrain's “professional-grade, hook-and-loop pedal fasteners” and the package comes with plenty of cable ties too. Need power? You want to check out our best pedalboard power supplies buyer's guide.

Gifts for guitar players: Xvive U2 Guitar Wireless System

(Image credit: Xvive)

9. Xvive U2 Guitar Wireless System

A cheap and easy way of getting rid of cables…

Reduces mess
Great value for money
Decent quality

While it couldn’t possibly claim to rival the pro wireless systems made by companies like Sennheiser, the Xvive U2 removes all danger of tripping over your cable while remaining surprisingly clean and transparent, with no detectable latency. Ranging an impressive 70 feet with a rechargeable battery life of five hours, plus the added bonus of everything being neatly built into the tiny transmitter/receiver jacks, this wireless may have no connection to U2 but it certainly has the edge.

Gifts for guitar players: Pickmaster Plectrum Punch

(Image credit: Pickmaster)

10. Pickmaster Plectrum Punch

A great last-minute stocking filler…

Easy to use

Why buy plectrums when you can make your own at home? This plectrum punch can turn most pieces of thin plastic – credit cards, lids and so forth – into new picks. Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also be reusing waste material in an environmentally friendly way.

Gifts for guitar players: Squier Vintage Modified '72 Telecaster Thinline

(Image credit: Fender)

11. Squier Vintage Modified '72 Telecaster Thinline

A stylish, tone-packed electric guitar bargain

Classic Tele Thinline look
Great attention to detail in the build
Wonderful Thinline tones all around

Squier's take on the Fender's classic 1972 Telecaster Thinline guitar brings iconic looks and sound to the table at an unbelievably low price point – this would make an ideal first electric guitar. With a white pearloid scratchplate, finely carved f-hole and Fender-embossed humbuckers, Squier's version of the guitar certainly looks the part. Sound-wise, there's plenty of versatility here, delivering bags of punch and a nice open mid-range.

Gifts for guitar players: EHX Op-Amp Big Muff Reissue

(Image credit: Electro-Harmonix)

12. Electro-Harmonix Op-Amp Big Muff Reissue

Smashing Pumpkins fan? This is the fuzz pedal for you

THAT fuzz sound
Records really well
Reasonably priced

Billy Corgan used a Big Muff on the Smashing Pumpkins' classic Siamese Dream album, and after that everyone wanted one on their pedalboard. Until recently your only option to recreate that tone was a boutique clone, an extremely rare original model, or building your own pedal. Luckily for you, EHX recently reissued it, so you can harness all the fuzz you could ever need.

Gifts for guitar players: Marshall Major III Headphones

(Image credit: Marshall)

13. Marshall Major III Headphones

Classic looks and sound from a classic brand…

Vintage Marshall looks
Microphone and remote for telephone use
Clean 20Hz-20kHz frequency response

Since launching their first headphone range in 2010, the Marshall logo has been seen almost everywhere and on everyone – from guitar nerds and rock fans to just about anyone that wants to enjoy music on the move. Half the price of its Bluetooth-enabled bigger brother, the Major III offers great value for money and crystal clarity.

Gifts for guitar players: Zoom MS-70CDR

(Image credit: Zoom)

14. Zoom MS-70CDR

A little box of wonders…

High quality effects
Fairly user-friendly
Incredibly cheap

Zoom have long been at the forefront of the multi-effects market and the MS-70CDR is no exception, offering 86 different guitar and bass effects - six of which can be used simultaneously - as well as 50 memory locations for user-patches in addition to its 40 in-built preset patches. It’s incredible functionality at such a low price makes it an ideal first pedal for any guitarist, or a swiss-army style, all-in-one package for the musician that likes to travel light.

Gifts for guitar players: Peaceland Ring Slide

(Image credit: Peaceland)

15. Peaceland Ring Slide

Where jewellery and musicality collide…

Quirky and unusual
Available in a variety of sizes and materials
Fairly inexpensive

Made out of glass and metal, this ring slide will allow any guitarist to switch from regular playing to slide in the blink of an eye. It might not cover as much ground as a full-size guitar slide, though in fairness that’s almost half the fun…

Gifts for guitar players: Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run V2 Delay/Reverb

(Image credit: Earthquaker Devices)

16. Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run V2 Delay/Reverb

More wetness than you’ll ever need…

Dual functionality
A more boutique/obscure brand
Options for more unconventional guitar sounds 

When it comes to ambience, Avalanche Run V2 has you covered on all fronts. As well as running in its normal mode, there’s also additional options for more experimental reverse and swell sounds, which can make your amp sound like its an entire galaxy away. Like all of Earthquaker’s devices it’s hand-assembled, wired and tested in Ohio.