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Unique Under-$100 Holiday Gifts for Guitarists

They’ve been practicing hard all year ‘round, so it’s time to reward your guitar pickin’ pals with tasty holiday goods. The good news is, nothing on this list will cost an arm or a leg to keep their fingers busy.

Play It Loud: An Epic History of the Style, Sound & Revolution of the Electric Guitar

Long-time Guitar World magazine contributors Brad Tolinski and Alan di Perna combined their talents and wrote “the definitive book about the history and business of the electric guitar.” Praised by the likes of Billy Gibbons, Carlos Santana…and the Wall Street Journal. Price: $26.95
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Guitar Toilet Flush Handle

They say that most great creative ideas happen while sitting on the porcelain throne, so what better inspiration for guitarists than this handsome satin pewter Fender Stratocaster toilet handle. Price: $33.95
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This insanely useful guitar stand fabricated from sustainable solid African wood can hold a jumbo acoustic, a sleek Strat or an itty-bitty ukulele. The added bonus: it can fold down to practically nothing and fit in a gig bag. Price: $59.00
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Anthology Gear Wear Wallet

With two designs, the Pick Wallet is made with fine, full-grain leather and made-to-last industrial-grade thread. The $69 standard size wallet comes with room for three picks, an ID, and has five card slots and a compartment for cash. The $55 compact wallet holds 2 picks, has three card slots and also holds an ID and cash. Colors include, Aged Steel and Black Whiskey. Price: $69 and $55
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Divine Noise Cables

Designed by Gil Divine, a former guitar tech for bands like The White Stripes and Yo La Tengo, Devine Noise Cables are built not to fail. And if one does quit working for any reason other than abuse, he’ll replace it—for free. Every cable is hand soldered, carefully inspected and tested several different ways to ensure the best tone possible. Not cheap, but worth every penny. Cables range in price, length, color and style.
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Griffin Guitar Sidekick Smartphone Headstock Mount

While it’s not as cool as, say, when Keith Richards uses his headstock to hold his cigarette stub, this guitar headstock mount for smartphones lets you easily watch music lessons, tab and chord charts, use you tuner app are allows you keep track of texts while you shred. Price: 49.99
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Black Fender Logo T-Shirt

A timeless classic—wear it to gigs, to the beach, under a hoodie, or to the gym. And since it’s black, it even works for weddings, funerals and other formal occasions. Price: $21.99
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