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Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals 2022

Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals 2022
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Best Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals 2021

If you're a guitar player then the Sweetwater Cyber Monday sale is usually one of best places to at this time of year. The music retail giant has dropped the prices on a massive range of guitar gear, offering up to 80% off in their official Cyber Week sale, which runs from now all the way until December 7. Some of these sales are even better than the ones we saw on Black Friday, so if you're in the market for new gear, now's the time to shop.

In the sale you'll find some of the best electric guitars for a range of budgets, plus the best acoustic guitars for beginners and so much more besides, so it's worth taking the time to browse everything on offer.

If you'd rather see what we believe are the best items on offer, then simply keep scrolling to find our top picks in a range of different categories. 

We also added handy quick links below so you can head straight to the part of the sale you want - whether it's amps, effects, guitars, recording gear or something else. 

Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals: Quick links

Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals: Top deals

Behringer HM300 Heavy Metal Distortion: $25

Behringer HM300 Heavy Metal Distortion: $25, $18.99
Can't afford the Boss HM-2W reissue? You can get pretty close with Behringer's obscenely affordable version of the beloved classic. Crank all the controls to full and hold on for dear life as the chainsaw sound of Swedish death metal tears up your guitar tone. You won't get more distortion for your buck than with this savage deal, which knocks $6 off the already brutally low price.


Behringer SF300 Super Fuzz: $25, now $18.99
Recreate iconic octave fuzz tones with the Behringer SF300, and do it without breaking the bank. With a two-band EQ, Gain and Level controls, and featuring three different fuzz modes, the SF300 is cheap and versatile. It's housed in a plastic enclosure, but for under $20 we can’t complain.

Behringer VD400 Vintage Delay: $25

Behringer VD400 Vintage Delay: $25, $18.99
The VD400 is a hidden gem from Behringer. Specialising in old-school analog sounds, this is a brilliant delay pedal for anyone working on a small budget. It even has a direct output onboard, in case you want to split your wet and dry signals. Get $6.01 off while stocks last.

TC Electronic Ditto+ Looper: $149, now $74.49

TC Electronic Ditto+ Looper: $149, now $74.49
TC Electronic’s Ditto looper pedal is an industry favorite. Having been a stalwart in the world of live looping for some time, this update to the Ditto - the Ditto+ - is a welcome one. With 60 minutes of recording time onboard, we challenge you to run out of space - and with 99 slots to save your loops and unlimited overdubs, the Ditto+ is sure to take your looping game to the next level. Get $74.51 off at Sweetwater now. Read the full TC Electronic Ditto+ review here.

Blackstar Studio 10 6L6, surf green: $729

Blackstar Studio 10 6L6, surf green: $729, now $599
This compact, rock-solid combo – with its 6L6 power tube and Celestion Seventy-80 1x12” speaker – aims to give you classic American tube cleans, without breaking the bank, or your back. Save $130 on the amp at Sweetwater today.

Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '60s

Squier Classic Vibe '60s Stratocaster: Was $449, $399
Surely one of the best Stratocaster deals this Black Friday, this Olympic White-finished beauty is equipped with vintage-inspired pickups and hardware and is rarely discounted, making this a rare opportunity to secure a bargain.

Ernie Ball Slinky 3-pack – $3 off at Sweetwater

Ernie Ball Slinky 3-pack – $3 off at Sweetwater
There's a reason Ernie Ball's Slinky strings are so ubiquitous. They combine stellar performance, durability and sound at an always-impressive price point. Now, you can get a pack of three string sets that you really can't go wrong with for $3 off at Sweetwater.

TC Electronic UniTune Clip: $29

TC Electronic UniTune Clip: $29, now $9.99
One of the best clip-on tuners money can buy just got ridiculously affordable, with $19 off the asking price over at Guitar Center. 105 high-powered LEDs mean you can see your guitar, bass or ukulele’s tuning in any lighting scenario, while up to ±0.02-cent accuracy ensures your instrument’s tuning will be pinpoint precise.

Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass HH: $479.99

Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass HH: $479.99, $429.99
A perfect beginner bass – or indeed a killer addition to any instrument collection – the Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass HH features an excellent set of specs for the price, including a transparent-sounding ash body, maple neck and fingerboard, Squier-designed SQR ceramic humbuckers and a wealth of controls for crafting your perfect bass tone. And you can get it for $50 off now over at Sweetwater.

Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals: Electric guitar deals

Squier Classic Vibe '60s Esquire: $479.99

Squier Classic Vibe '60s Esquire: $479.99, $429.99
The Esquire is a legend in the world of electric guitar, and now you can get your hands on one for less than you ever thought was possible. This '60s Classic Vibe from Squier delivers the classic Esquire tone, feel and look, but with modern playability and durability. You get the best of both vintage and modern worlds, with $70 off. Thanks, Sweetwater!

Relish Trinity Electric guitar: $1,299

Relish Trinity Electric guitar: $1,299, now $999
Now for something a little bit different. Relish has been manufacturing boutique, high-end instruments with their signature pickup-switching system for some time, and the Trinity series sees that same versatility but with a much more reasonable price tag. Save $300 while stocks last at Sweetwater. 

Friedman NoHo 24: $3,099

Friedman NoHo 24: $3,099, $2,799
Friedman aren't just a killer amp brand - they craft some epic electric guitars too. The NoHo 24 is a 24 fret master-built guitar. The resonant, balanced alder body is loaded with ultra-aggressive Triple D humbuckers, and the ergonomic Modern neck profile delivers ultimate shreddability. Save $300 at Sweetwater.

Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals: Bass deals

Squier Contemporary Jazz V HH: $529.99

Squier Contemporary Jazz V HH: $529.99, $479.99
And if four strings just ain’t enough, you can get the Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass V HH now for under $500. It’s got a near identical spec sheet to its four-string counterpart, with an ash body, maple neck and fingerboard and Squier SQR ceramic humbucking pickups, and thus is a brilliantly versatile bass that’ll comfortably handle any genre of music. This deal is only available while stocks last, so get on it ASAP if you’re interested...

Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals: Guitar amp deals

Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals: Effects pedals deals

J. Rockett Archer: Was $289, now $245.65

J. Rockett Archer: Was $289, now $245.65
Yes, we are fully aware that there are more Klon clones in the world than you can shake a stick at, but the Archer has to be one of my favorites. Its small stature and superb build quality make it a must-have pedal for anyone looking for that mythical tone. 

Keeley Katana: $199

Keeley Katana: $199, now $169.15
Every pedalboard needs a good boost and the simplistic nature of the Katana is a winner for us. With just one control you really can't go wrong and as it's made by Keeley you know it won't fail on you mid solo! 

Behringer SF300 Super Fuzz:

Behringer SF300 Super Fuzz: $25, now $18.99
Recreate some of the iconic fuzz tones you know and love with the Behringer SF300, and do it without breaking the bank! With a 2-band EQ, Gain and Level controls, and featuring three different fuzz modes, this SF300 is cheap and versatile. Housed in a plastic enclosure, for under $20 we can’t complain. 

Behringer VD400 Vintage Delay: $25

Behringer VD400 Vintage Delay: $25, $18.99
The VD400 is a hidden gem from Behringer. Offering everything from old-school analog sounds to modern, trailing ambience, this is a brilliant delay pedal for anyone working on a small budget. It even has a direct output on board, in case you want to split your wet and dry signal down different paths. Get $6.01 off while stocks last. 

Vox Valvenergy Mystic Edge: $179.99

Vox Valvenergy Mystic Edge: $179.99, now $149.99
If you want to supercharge your rig with AC30 sounds, look no further. Based on the tones of the aforementioned amp, the Mystic Edge will offer responsive dynamics, a cavernous gain range and, most importantly, plenty of grit and drive.

Vox Valvenergy Copperhead: $179.99

Vox Valvenergy Copperhead: $179.99, now $149.99
The stand-out choice of the bunch for those looking for something a little more vintage-sounding. Based on classic Marshall amps – the gold chassis is no coincidence – the Copperhead delivers plenty of sizzle, ample tonal options and immense versatility thanks to the three output modes.

Vox Valvenergy Cutting Edge: $179.99

Vox Valvenergy Cutting Edge: $179.99, now $149.99
A serious contender for any metalhead looking to beef up their shred tones, the valve distortion Cutting Edge is the metal monster of the crop. If you're a fan of the tight tones found on contemporary records, chances are you'll also be a fan of this pedal.

TC Electronic Plethora X5: was $549

TC Electronic Plethora X5: was $549, now $399
And if you want to go the whole hog, the Plethora X5 TonePrint Multi-FX Pedalboard offers up basically every pedalboard effect you’ll ever need in one compact enclosure. Loaded with TC Electronic’s Hall of Fame 2 Reverb, Flashback 2 Delay, Sub n Up Octaver, Brainwaves Pitch Shifter, Corona Chorus, Vortex Flanger effects and more, this powerhouse multi-effects unit allows you to design your own pedalboard, with up to five slots available. And not only that; you can also save up to 127 pedalboard combination presets. The possibilities are pretty much endless with the Plethora X5, and now you can get it with a whopping $150 discount. Read our full TC Electronic Plethora X5 review.

Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals: Strings deals

PRS Signature Electric strings 3-pack – $8 bundle saving

PRS Signature Electric strings 3-pack – $8 bundle saving
Made with a reformulated nickel alloy and a specially soldered, especially break-resistant ball end, PRS's electric strings are as immaculately constructed as the PRS guitars they're meant to be strung onto. Now, at Sweetwater, you can save $8 on a 3-pack of the company's electric strings.

Fender Classic Core .009-.042 set – 15% at Sweetwater 

Fender Classic Core .009-.042 set – 15% at Sweetwater 
Designed with round core wire instead of the more modern hexagonal type, these light strings are designed to be perfect for classic rock 'n' roll, and big, attitude-filled bends. Now, the set can be acquired for 15% off via Sweetwater.

D'Addario EXP Acoustic Strings: up to $11 off

D'Addario EXP Acoustic Strings: up to $11 off
Avoid unwanted corrosion and regular string changes with D’Addario’s coated acoustic strings. Available in an array of different gauges, the strings on offer feature an ultra-fine EXP coating that fends off nasties such as sweat, which will keep your acoustic sounding better for longer.

Martin Authentic Acoustic string sets – 25% off 

Martin Authentic Acoustic string sets – 25% off 
With fantastic tuning stability and corrosion resistance, Martin's Authentic Acoustic Superior Performance string sets are truly worthy of being placed on the beautifully constructed guitars Martin produces. More affordable than you would think, these sets are now even cheaper for Black Friday with 25% discounts at Sweetwater.  

Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals: Guitar case deals


Gruv Gear GigBlade Acoustic Gig Bag:  $199.99, $129.99
Got an acoustic that needs protecting? Look no further. With the GigBlade, faux fur, 600D polyester panels and a 1680D nylon waterproof cover provide protection against the weather and accidental whacks, while the side-carry design makes for a convenient carrying experience. There's ample accessory space, too, which is always a bonus.


Gruv Gear GigBlade Ukulele Gig Bag:  $119.99, $49.99
Ukuleles are more fragile, so need a gig bag up to the task. Dense polyester walls and plush faux fur lining will keep your instrument safe and sound, and the waterproof hood will keep it sheltered from the elements during transport. Quite possibly the ultimate ukulele gig bag.

Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals: When is it?

Cyber Monday this year takes places on November 29, the Monday directly following the Sweetwater Black Friday sales, and so bookends a long weekend of deals and sales shopping. Some retailers hold back a killer deal or two for Cyber Monday, but the majority go live for Black Friday and simply carry on through Cyber Monday. We expect this to be the case for the Sweetwater Cyber Monday event.

When Cyber Monday was originally devised it was a way to celebrate online sales only, rather than online and bricks and mortar shop sales. However, as more and more retailers have a revolving cast of sales throughout the year, you could argue that every day is Cyber Monday. The difference is the quality of the deals - Cyber Monday, like Black Friday, attracts the big-ticket discounts that you only see around the holidays.

Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals 2021: What to expect

We’ve been covering the Sweetwater Cyber Monday sale for a while now, so we know from past experience that this is one musical retailer you can rely on for really good discounts. Sweetwater has a clear, no-fuss returns policy too, which should help you feel more confident when it comes to buying gear online, whether you’re after the best budget guitar amps or the best pedalboard to get your effects in order. 

Based on what we have seen from previous Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals, there will be savings on acoustics and electrics, plus amps, strings and a range of guitar pedals like looper pedals and distortion pedals. There may well be discounts on the basics too, such as guitar cables and various guitar straps

Last year Sweetwater extended their sale into a full 'Cyber Week', so there were bargains to be had well into the week after Cyber Monday.

Rest assured that we’ll be rounding up the biggest discounts here, as well as the Sweetwater Cyber Monday sale offers that, while not monstrously huge, are still worth buying because of the immense quality of the product involved.

How to find the best Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals

As we’ll be doing all the legwork of trawling the Sweetwater Cyber Monday sale during the event itself and across Cyber Monday, all you need to do is bookmark this page and take a look at the killer deals we’re curating for you. 

We can spot a worthy deal a mile-off, and know which ones aren’t worth snapping up, so if you haven’t shopped a Cyber Monday sale before, stick with us and we’ll make it easy. After all, some of these Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals will be time-limited, and the last thing we want is for you to panic, buy something because it’s a good price, then you figure out later that it isn’t right for you. That’s a waste of your time, right? 

For an easier life, keep your eyes peeled on this page, and read our advice below on how to prepare yourself for a big event like the Sweetwater Cyber Monday sale so that you’re getting what you want and need with ease.

Man shows boy how to play the acoustic guitar

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How to prepare for the Sweetwater Cyber Monday sale 2021

Our biggest tip here is to have a think in advance about what you want or need to buy, whether you're shopping for someone else or stocking up on new gear for yourself. The Sweetwater Cyber Monday sale is a giant affair with potentially thousands of discounts up for grabs, so don't get lost among the rat run of deals when all you want is a brilliant new metal amp or Gibson Les Paul

Once you've made that list, it's time to do your research to find out what are the top brands and products within that area. Feel free to use our expert buyer's guides and reviews for your research, as we are constantly reviewing the latest and greatest kit and updating our buyer's guides. We've highlighted some of the most popular guides below. 

Lastly, check the RRP of the product you're hoping to find a Sweetwater Cyber Monday deal on to ensure that you are getting a good discount. Sweetwater is a trusted retailer so you're in safe hands here.

Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals: Last year's best deals

Last year's Sweetwater Cyber Monday sale was pretty much unrivalled for awesome offers and big discounts (of up to 80%, no less) off big brands.

It didn't matter whether you were looking to stock up on strings, cables or a new tuner, or you fancied a new combo amp, acoustic guitar or wireless system, there was literally something for everyone last year. 

Of particularly not were Sweetwater's Cyber Monday effects deals, with big discounts to be had on entire ranges from the likes of JHS, Keeley and Danelectro, to big savings on invidual pedals, like the epic TC Electronic Ditto X4 looper. 

Here are just a few of last year's highlights:

Electric guitars


D'Angelico's Premier Mini DC XT: $899, $699
This sumptuous semi-hollow – boasting a pair of USA-made Seymour Duncan humbuckers, a C-shaped neck, bound ovangkol fingerboard, locking tuners and an exquisite finish – is a Sweetwater exclusive. At $200 off, you're getting top-of-the-line tone and looks for a tasty mid-tier price.

Acoustic guitars


D'Angelico's Excel Gramercy Natural Koa: $899, $699
Boasting a solid koa top with laminate koa back and sides, this Sweetwater-exclusive acoustic-electric is an absolute beauty. With a resonant Grand Auditorium body and sonically immaculate Fishman Ink-4 electronics, this guitar boasts tones as captivating as its looks. At $699, this deal is hard to beat on the acoustic front.

Guitar amps


Save 15% on select Revv products
Revv's reputation for meaty, thick distortion is growing by the week. Here, Sweetwater is offering a blanket 15% off one of the biggest and best emerging names in modern heavy guitar sounds. The Revv 20/4 amp, G3 and G4 preamp/distortion pedals and G20 footswitch are all included in the deal!  


Vox AC30S1 1x12" combo: Was $899, now $699, save $200
A rock 'n' roll classic for less! This 1x12" Vox AC30 will have you chiming all the way to the tone-bank, with its 12AX7/EL84 valves, single channel based on the AC30 Top Boost circuit, digital reverb and Celestion speaker. With $200 off, now's your chance to add this iconic sound to your arsenal.


Peavey's MAX 250 Bass combo amp: $449, $399
This well-spec'd bass combo features a 3-band EQ and Overdrive, Contour, Mid Shift and Bright controls. Kosmos-C bass enhancement – which imparts harmonics and subharmonics into your tone – and clip-limiting DDT are nice touches as well, but the main story is the power: 250 watts of it. Now on sale for $399 at Sweetwater, this amp is a versatile low-end beast.

Effects pedals


$60 off Eventide's Rose delay pedal at Sweetwater
Years in the making, Eventide's dazzling Rose delay pedal features 25 customizable presets, plus controls for mix, feedback, depth, delay, filter and rate. A reverse delay mode – which plays the delay line backward – and the pedal's delay multiplier will have you getting lost in this thing for hours. Now just $239 at Sweetwater, this pedal will bring a whole new world of sounds to your plate.


TC Electronic Ditto X4 Looper: was $209, now $199, save $60
TC’s flagship looper has had $60 knocked off the price in what’s certain to be the best looper pedal deal this season. Its no-nonsense workflow gives you two stereo loops with stop/start and undo/redo functionality for each, as well as seven onboard loop FX, and USB connectivity to load backing tracks.


JHS Pedals 3 Series Effects was $99, now $84.15
JHS Pedals' 3 Series sub-$100 USA-made effects just became an even better deal with 15% off at Sweetwater. Just $84.15 gets you that JHS quality with your choice of Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz, Reverb, Delay, Compressor or Chorus.


DigiTech Drop: Was $307, now $214, save $93
This compact pedal remains the best drop-tuning stompbox on the market, with full polyphonic tracking for authentic baritone and extended-range tones. Sweetwater have slashed the price by nearly $100 - how nice of them.



Line 6 Helix Native plugin: was $399, now $279, save $120
Get all of Line 6’s flagship Helix amp models and effects for a fraction of the price of its standalone floor units with this killer plugin deal, which includes over 60 guitar and bass amps and over 100 different effects. If you buy now, you can save a whopping $120, and arm yourself with every guitar tone you could possibly need.

Guitar accessories


3 sets of Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys: $16.47 $9.99
No other string set on the market has the perfect blend of durability, performance, sound and price that Ernie Ball's Regular Slinky set brings to the table. Get three packs of these ultra-dependable strings for just $9.99 now.

More Cyber Monday deals to explore

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