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Get DigiTech's Obscura pedal at less than half price in this amazing ProAudioStar Black Friday deal

(Image credit: DigiTech)

For this year's Black Friday guitar dealsProAudioStar has been offering some absolutely absurd deals on gear ranging from guitars to effects pedals and more. 

One of the most eyebrow-raising deals of the bunch has been a deal on DigiTech's Obscura delay. Usually $169.95, the Obscura's price has been more than cut in half, to a jaw-dropping $77.99.

Featuring four trippy delays (analog, tape, lo-fi and reverse), and the ability to degrade all four via a unique control set, the Obscura truly sets itself apart from the ever-growing delay pedal pack.

The Obscura's audio quality is also second to none, while its build is incredibly sturdy. The pedal even comes with a die cut Hook-and-loop Pedalboard Pad, which makes for easy semi-permanent mounting on just about any pedalboard.

The Obscura stands out for both its durability and sonic versatility, and for less than $80, it's an absolute no-brainer. 

DigiTech Obscura Altered Delay: $169 $77 at ProAudioStar
For anyone looking for a digital delay with a difference, may we present the Obscura, which packs four trippy delays (analog, tape, lo-fi and reverse), with the ability to degrade each and every one via a unique control set. Given this pedal's sterling audio quality and a rock-solid build, this is an unbelievable bargain.View Deal

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