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Get Digitech's trippy Polara reverb for just $79.99 in this fantastic Cyber Monday deal

(Image credit: DigiTech)

Cyber Monday is here, and the deals on guitar gear are coming fast and furious. As it did on Black Friday and Cyber Weekend, today, ProAudioStar is playing host to some of the most ridiculous discounts of them all, including this one on the DigiTech Polara pedal.

Normally a $169.95 value, ProAudioStar has marked the impressive, feature-packed and - most of all - trippy-looking reverb pedal down to an incredible $79.99. 

The Polara's seven reverbs run the gamut of sounds - from the warmth of the Room 'verb, to the massive-sounding Hall, to the spacey Reverse. Perhaps most impressive of all though, is the gorgeous new Halo reverb. 

Featuring Level, Liveliness, Decay and Type controls, stereo inputs and outputs, a soft click footswitch and a Reverb Tails on/off toggle switch, the Polara is a hell of a pedal at its usual price point. 

Granted, we did just say usual price, so now take into consideration the fact that you can have all of the above for just $80 with this incredible discount.

Get Digitech's trippy Polara reverb for just $79.99

Get Digitech's trippy Polara reverb for just $79.99
The Polara's seven reverbs run the gamut of sounds, and its impressive layout of controls make this a hell of a buy at this amazing price point.

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