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I’m a recovering pedal addict and these Cyber Monday pedal deals have me off the wagon

I’m a recovering pedal addict and these Cyber Monday pedal deals have me off the wagon
(Image credit: Keeley, Walrus Audio, JHS Pedals )

My name is Daryl, and I’m an addict - a pedal addict, to be specific. I can’t help but get inspired by new gear. There always seems to be a new song hidden within a new guitar, amp or stompbox - and frankly, a pedal is the cheapest out of the three if you need an extra jolt of inspiration without buying a new Gibson Les Paul every time. My main vice does seem to be drive pedals, and I have a particular penchant for medium gain overdrives, but to be honest, if it makes a noise and you can stomp on it, I’m into it. 

While I’ve been able to keep my habit to a minimum over the last year - I did pick up a Hudson Broadcast and a few other bits and bobs - I have to admit the latest Cyber Monday offerings have me jonesing for my next fix. With Sweetwater offering 15% off a massive range of JHS pedals - and yes, that includes the new PackRat - as well as sizeable discounts on everything from Walrus Audio, Catalinbread and J Rocket Audio, now might be the time to give my ever-changing pedalboard a complete overhaul. 

Now, it’s not just the fine folks at Sweetwater who are slashing prices on stompboxes. Guitar Center’s Cyber week sale sees discounts on classics like the Boss DS-1 - a firm favorite of 14-year-old me - as well as $20 off the MXR Tremolo, which is perfect if you’re looking for a super simple Tremolo that will give your tone a touch of movement. Not one’s to be outdone, Musician’s Friend is also getting in on the action with their very own Cyber Week sale and have dropped the price of one of my favorite modern reverbs, the Keeley Caverns, to only $169, that’s a saving of almost $30! 

Below I’ve listed a few of the best deals I could find - and pedal purchases that I'm considering myself - from all the leading music retailers. If you want to see more great offers, then be sure to check out our Cyber Monday guitar deals page.

JHS PackRat Distortion: $249

JHS PackRat Distortion: $249, now $211.65
It's no secret how JHS frontman, Josh Scott feels about the RAT. It comes as no surprise then, that he would lovingly recreate all the most important iterations of this beloved distortion and place them all in one box. This pedal was only released weeks ago and you can bag $37.35 off right now!

JHS Morning Glory Overdrive: $199

JHS Morning Glory Overdrive: $199, now $169.15
This "transparent" overdrive is a must-have pedal for those looking for a versatile, smooth drive that suits a myriad of styles, from clean to rock n roll.

JHS Bonsai Overdrive: $249

JHS Bonsai Overdrive: $249, now $211.65
Okay, it seems every pedal company has a take on the legendary Tube Screamer, but the Bonsai packs nine variations into a tiny box, making it the most comprehensive Screamer clone around - and with just under $40 off, you can't go wrong.

JHS Muffuletta Dist/Fuzz: $249

JHS Muffuletta Dist/Fuzz: $249, now $211.65
Looking for pure filth? Well, the Muffuletta is for you. As the name suggests this sleek black box is based on the revolutionary Big Muff and all its variants.

JHS Emperor Chorus/Vibrato: $219

JHS Emperor Chorus/Vibrato: $219, $186.15
Sometimes your tone just needs a little movement and wobble, and the Emperor certainly does that. This all-analog chorus/vibrato uses the famous 3207 chipset and even has a tap tempo - all for only $186.15!

J. Rockett Archer: Was $289, now $245.65

J. Rockett Archer: Was $289, now $245.65
Yes, we are fully aware that there are more Klon clones in the world than you can shake a stick at, but the Archer has to be one of my favorites. Its small stature and superb build quality make it a must-have pedal for anyone looking for that mythical tone. 


MXR FOD Drive: Was $169.99, now $149.99
Looking for some high-gain pedal action? Well the MXR FOD might be the little red box for you. The FOD Drive delivers dual-drive sounds and comes with a handy blend control which allows you to set the mix ratio of the two signals. 

MXR Tremolo: $159.99

MXR Tremolo: $159.99, now $139.99
A tremolo pedal is a valuable addition to any 'board - and this MXR offers up a wealth of tremolo styles such as MXR, Bias, Reverse Optic, Optic, Square Wave and Harmonic. 

Walrus Audio Eras: Was $199, now $159.20

Walrus Audio Eras: Was $199, now $159.20
This five mode distortion pedal certainly packs a punch, and is perfect for high-gain riffage. This pedal also comes with a blend control which allows you to mix in your dry signal. 

Keeley Katana: $199

Keeley Katana: $199, now $169.15
Every pedalboard needs a good boost and the simplistic nature of the Katana is a winner for us. With just one control you really can't go wrong and as it's made by Keeley you know it won't fail on you mid solo! 

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