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Missed out on a Cyber Monday bargain? These 10 amazing guitar deals are still live

Schecter Reaper-6
(Image credit: Future)

The Black Friday guitar deals have been and gone. In the midst of the flood of deals you undoubtedly saw over the weekend, it’s quite possible you missed some truly remarkable bargains.

From killer savings on beginner guitars like the Squier Bullet Mustang to over $1,000 off some D'Angelico models, some of the weekend's price-cuts were jaw-dropping.

But fear not, as we have rounded up the 10 best electric guitar deals from the weekend that are still active and available to buy. This really is the last call though, as we do not expect these deals to remain active for much longer - some may even disappear within hours.

So if you’ve spotted a guitar in this list that you think would make a worthy addition to the collection, or indeed a great Christmas present for a family member or friend, we urge you to act fast in order to secure it before the price rises again.

Fender Player Telecaster Silverburst: was $674, now $574
Get your hands on an authentic Fender Telecaster this Black Friday for just over $500. With a classy Silverburst finish and A-class tone, this guitar would be more than a worthy purchase.View Deal

Get $150 off the Epiphone G-1275 Double Neck
This limited edition Double Neck will be guaranteed to turn heads, from the living room to the stage.View Deal

Hagstrom Fantomen Ghost signature: was $899, now $749
Channel your own ghoulish noise through this exclusive gold hardware-equipped Hagstrom Fantomen in white, currently on sale at Musician’s Friend with $150 off, guaranteed to take you from the pinnacle to the pit…View Deal

Squier Bullet Mustang: now only $119.99
Get the perfect electric guitar for beginners in this unbelievable Black Friday deal. Start playing straight out of the box, thanks to a short 24" scale, which makes your first chords and solos easy.View Deal

Ibanez AZ2204F Prestige: $400 off at Musician’s Friend
Invest in your guitar playing, and get one of the finest electric guitars available today for $2,099, a $400 saving from its original price of $2,499. This precision-built, versatile model is the epitome of contemporary electric guitar design, with an impressive feature set and effortless playability.View Deal

Schecter Reaper-6: now only $579 at Musician's Friend
Get this stunning - and rather necrotic-looking - Schecter Reaper-6, complete with Aurora Burst finish and high-output Diamond Decimator pickups, in this spectacular Black Friday deal at Musician's Friend.View Deal

43 D'Angelico Deluxe guitars: up to $1,200 off @ ProAudioStar
By far one of the best electric guitar deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday are these ridiculous discounts on 43 semi-hollow models from D'Angelico, with some markdowns reducing $1,999 guitars to just $799. Not to be missed.View Deal

Sterling by Music Man John Petrucci JP70: only $449.99
Now this really is a dramatic turn of events – a John Petrucci signature seven-string in stealth black for under $500! Astonishing deals like this don’t come every day…View Deal

Fender Player Jaguar in Surf Pearl: now only $499.99
Now's your chance to bag an awesome Fender offset for under $500. With an alder body, Alnico pickups and a perfectly configured neck, this electric guitar has the looks and tone to boot.View Deal

Jackson Misha Mansoor Juggernaut HT6: only $449.99
Unleash the prog this Black Friday with an unbelievably good value metal guitar. Designed by the Periphery axeman himself, this guitar is built to shred.View Deal

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