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Demo Video: Four Force Guitar Amp Gets Kicked, Dropped from Ladder, Thrown and More

Occasionally, I'll kick my '63 Fender Reverb unit to get an unbeatable crashing sound during surf shows — but what the guy does in the video below takes that to a whole new level, to say the least.

In the clip, which was created to demonstrate the durability of Four Force guitar amps, a dude kicks the amp, drops it off a ladder, throws it and more — all while a guitarist plays a funky rhythm part.

From the company:

"Ever wanted to pick up your amp on stage and smash it, but were afraid of breaking something so valuable? Check out this indestructible amp from Four Force!"

You'll notice the amp doesn't stop working during the video.

For more information about Four Force amps, check out this review that appeared on last year (with audio), and visit