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Grab a Ukutune ukulele for as little as $24.99 this Prime Day

Grab a Ukutune ukulele for as little as $24.99 this Prime Day
(Image credit: Ukutune)

Over the last few years, the humble ukulele has had a pretty major glow up. Making appearances across festival stages worldwide and all over some of our favorite tracks, it seems like the uke is gaining some traction - so why shouldn’t you get a piece of the action? Well, until June 30th you can, with 50% off any Ukutune ukulele when you use the code PDUKE.

The ukulele is widely considered to be a perfect beginner instrument due to it’s small compact size and beginner-friendly string count - but as of late we’ve seen musicians of all ages and abilities pick them up - and make some bangers in the process. The uke also has an uncanny ability to bring the Hawaiian ocean breeze into your living room - and who can say no to that right now? Ukes come in a few different sizes, from soprano to baritone, so looking through our best ukuleles guide might be a good place to start - just to see what will be most suitable for you.

Ukutune Prime Day sale: Use code PDUKE to save 50%
Treat yourself to one of eight killer Ukutune ukes this Prime Day, starting from a crazy $24.99. Whether you want a soprano, concert or tenor, there are options for players of all abilities and ages up for grabs. With each ukulele you’ll get a free extra set of Aquila Nylgut strings and a gig bag, to make sure you’ve got everything you need to get playing. Until June 30th, use the discount code PDUKE for 50% off.  View Deal

Ukutune has been producing some of the coolest new ukes on the market as of late, and although you can get 50% off every single one, we have a few suggestions - most notably the UKE1 Solid Spruce Concert and UKS1 Soprano ukes. The UKE1 Concert is designed for those either starting out with a bit more money to play with, or for those who take their playing seriously. A solid Spruce top and Ebony back and sides delivers a bright, punchy tone perfect for any musical scenario - and with the discount code PDUKE, you can pick a UKE1 up for only $74.99. All all-solid uke for under $100? Bargain. 

The UKS1 is one of the best beginner ukuleles. Made from Sapele Mahogany and various other engineered woods, it’s not all-solid - but for the money, can you really complain? A great uke for $24.99? A total no-brainer. 

Looking for some uke bargains? Prime Day is here on June 21 and 22, and we’ll be covering the best ukulele deals on our Prime day guitar deals page.