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Horns up for these Prime Day metal guitar deals - we’ve found our own big four, with prices starting from $269.99

GW Metal guitars deals
(Image credit: Schecter/Jackson/LTD)

Metal guitars are often overlooked in the grand scheme of things. Yes, it’s cool to say that ‘I’ve got a guitar that does everything’ - but does it? And even if it does, does it do it well? The answer is probably no. That’s where these killer guitars come in - and with savings of up to $270 at Guitar Center this Prime Day, the deal just got even sweeter. 

It can be quite hard to know what to look for in the right metal guitar sometimes. Do you want something solid that can chug away for hours on end? Or are you more of a Vai-esque shredder? We’ve got a few recommendations. 

Most notably, the LTD EC-401QM. We’d call it a ‘wolf in sheep's clothing’, but it does look like it’d take a bite out of you, given the chance. It’s one of the best ‘dark horse’ options, with awesome, yet slightly more traditional looks and modern electronics to top it off. The active EMG’s have nearly every base covered when it comes to playing metal, making this a solid option for those who love a single cutaway. 

Another stunning choice is the Jackson JS34Q Dinky. The ‘80s hair metal vibe is strong with this one, but it’s also very capable of modern tones, both crushing and sophisticated. The quilted Maple top is a real looker too.  

Jackson JS34Q Dinky DKA-M: Was $349.99, now $269.99
Achieve that classic '80s Jackson vibe for a fraction of the price with $80 off the JS34Q this Prime Day. With high output ceramic pickups mounted into a quilted maple arched top, this axe looks and sounds the part. Paired with a locking trem, this guitar is ready to melt some faces. So what're you waiting for?View Deal

Schecter Guitar Research Demon-6: Was $439, now $339.99
Schecter's Demon 6 is a bit of a beast if we're honest. It's capable of some gurn inducing tones thanks to Schecter's own 'Diamond' active pickups - which are perfectly voiced for aggressive playing. The fast maple neck, rosewood 'board and gothic cross inlays top this guitar off nicely - and with $99 off, it just got that little bit nicer.View Deal

Schecter C-1 Platinum FR-Sustaniac: Was $859, now $659.99
The C-1 Platinum FR-Sustainiac is a true beast. A fantastically resonant Mahogany body with ultra access cutaway and a Floyd Rose is a winning combination, and to be honest this guitar has won. The Sustainiac in the neck position is an awesome added bonus, allowing for some truly creative playing, both clean and distorted.View Deal

ESP LTD EC-401QM: Was $849, now $579
LTD's EC-401 is iconic in the rock and metal guitar world, and there's a reason why every metalcore band and their mums have played an LTD EC Series. EMG 81/60 pickups bring out every last nuance with energy, and with the mahogany body and neck working in tandem, your riffs will be pure fire. And with $270 off? You'd be mad to miss out.View Deal

Prime Day is here on June 21st and 22nd. We'll be covering all the best metal guitar deals on our Prime Day guitar deals page.