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Save Up To $120 On Marshall Headphones And Speakers This Prime Day

Marshall speakers and headphones
(Image credit: Amazon)

Prime Day guitar deals: Have you picked up a discounted Fender PM-TE travel acoustic or D'Angelico guitar yet? If the latest Amazon Prime Day guitar deals are out of your price range, that doesn't mean it's the end of the Prime Day road for you.

We've been scanning the web and spotted some amazing deals on Marshall's awesome branded headphones and speakers. Not only do the headphones look fantastic, but they're a great option when you want to fit in some guitar practice without annoying the neighbours.

Marshall speakers are perfect for the man cave, or if you want a quality Bluetooth speaker for the family to enjoy around the house.

We've selected the best deals and added a few additional options from Bose, Sony and B&O, too.

The best Prime Day Marshall headphones/speaker deals

Marshall Monitor Headphones: was $249, now $129.99
Yes, they're bluetooth, and yes, they'll give you 30 hours of playtime before you need to recharge, but the main reason to buy these is because you'll look like you have a couple of Marshall stacks clamped to your skull, and that's priceless. View Deal

Marshall Major II Bluetooth Headphones: Now only $69.99
If you need to play your guitar through headphones, there's no better accessory than these official Marshall Bluetooth cans. They feature custom drivers for a superior sound, and when you're not jamming you can use them with your smartphone.

View Deal

Marshall Minor II Bluetooth In-Ears: was $129, now $99.99
You don't need to carry a guitar around with you to display your love for the instrument. Hit the streets and play your music through these quality in-ears and people will know you rock!View Deal

Marshall Stanmore Wireless Speaker: $399.99, now $319.99
This portable Bluetooth speaker delivers over 20 hours of hard rockin' playtime per charge. It's durable and water-resistant too, so you can take it anywhere.View Deal

Marshall Kilburn Bluetooth Speaker: was $299.99, now $184
This portable, lightweight speaker is ideal for life on the go. With two 3/4" domed tweeters and a meaty 4" woofer, there's nothing lightweight about the sound.View Deal

Other great Prime Day headphones and speaker deals

Bose SoundLink Wireless Headphones
Was $229.95, now $159.00
The ultimate in airport fashion, these bad boys from Bose remain the travellers's favourite, and at this price they're an absolute steal. They're comfortable, they're robust, and they cancel noise better than most.  
View Deal

Sony WH-CH700N Headphones: was $199.99, now $99.99
Wireless bluetooth noise cancelling over the ear headphones with Alexa voice control, described by our What Hi-Fi buddies as "just short of being exceptional", but with 50% off the usual price they're an absolute bargain.View Deal

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P6 Bluetooth Speaker. Save 25%!
Take your music on the go with this stylish Bluetooth speaker from B&O. What's more, for Prime Day you'll get 25% off at the checkout.View Deal

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay M3 Wireless Speaker. Save 33%!
If you're looking for power and rich sound from a wireless speaker, look no further. The M3 is compact, stylish and can connect to other B&O wireless speakers.View Deal