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The Guitar Center Memorial Day sale is here, with up to 40% off killer guitar and bass gear

The Guitar Center Memorial Day sale is here, with up to 40% off killer guitar and bass gear
(Image credit: Guitar Center)

The Memorial Day guitar sales are firing on all cylinders this year. Guitar Center just entered the fray with an epic sale of its own, and it’s particularly awesome if you play electric guitar, acoustic guitar or bass. The Guitar Center Memorial Day sale offers up to 40% off a range of guitar gear, so if you’re preparing to start gigging again, or you’re looking to upgrade your rig because, well, you deserve it, then now could be the ideal time to shop.

So, what’s on offer? A couple highlights include 130 bucks off the Fender Player Telecaster Plus Top model with maple fingerboard. It’s a limited edition guitar and we can’t get enough of the Blue Burst and Sienna Sunburst finishes, especially at the sale price of $649.99. Elsewhere, you can’t knock $100 off the Line 6 HX Effects, one of our picks for best multi-effects pedal

But that’s not all. There’s also price-slashing on amps, strings, cases, guitar cables and more. We’ve picked out some of our favorites below, and included quick links through to the most guitar-friendly parts of the sale too.

Fender Player Telecaster Plus Top: Was $779.99, now $649.99
Any guitarist worth their salt will know just how iconic and versatile a Telecaster is. The Tele’s design is over 70 years old now, but still grabs players old and new with it’s beauty and simplicity. With a huge $130 off this weekend, you can be one of those players. With a gorgeous AA-grade flame maple top, ‘Modern C’ shape neck and a 9.5” radius, you’ll be looking great and feeling great with this Tele in your hands. View Deal

Sterling StingRay Classic Ray24: Was $499.99, now $399.99
There are few basses as iconic as the StingRay. The gutsy, powerful humbucker tone has graced many records of different genres, being utilised by players such as Vulfpeck’s Joe Dart and the mighty Flea. This StingRay features a slightly slimmer nut width to make playing a breeze, and the active two-band preamp provides that iconic tone we all know and love. With Guitar Center knocking $100 off this Memorial day, it doesn’t get much better than this.View Deal

Martin Special 18 Dreadnought: Was $2,799.99, now $2,379.99
If you know acoustics, you know how great these Martin dreadnoughts sound. This Special 18 Style was designed to encapsulate the iconic tone of Martin’s 1930’s Golden Era, and does a damn good job. Employing Martin’s VTS (Vintage Tone System) on its Adirondack top, this Style 18 sounds authentically vintage, but for a much more reasonable price - and with an extra $420 off, it just got a whole lot better.View Deal

Fender Blues Junior Special Edition: Was $649.99, now $599.99
A go-to option for guitarists worldwide, Fender’s 15 watt Blues Junior has made a name for itself as being a dependable workhorse amp that sounds fantastic. Either as a pedal platform or standalone, this limited edition Humboldt Hot-Rod Blues Junior is highly capable of being your faithful gigging companion, with an Eminence Hot Rod Hempster speaker taking care of those dulcet all-tube tones. We didn’t think it could get any sweeter, but Guitar Center has knocked off an extra $50 this weekend. Beautiful!View Deal

Line 6 HX Effects: Was $599.99, now $499.99
One of our picks for the best multi-effects pedal around, the Line 6 HX Effects covers just about everything. With over 100 onboard effects taken from the award-winning Helix series, you’ve got access to multiple ultra-accurate drives, fuzzes, modulation effects and all-consuming reverbs. With the ability to run up to 9 effects at once, the processing power of the HX effects is not to be underestimated. With an extra $100 off this weekend, expand your effects arsenal and shake up your playing.View Deal

If you’re still on the hunt for cheap guitar gear then it’s worth sticking around to see what Amazon Prime Day delivers. We’ll be sharing all the latest news and the best offers on our Prime Day guitar deals hub.