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We’ve found some killer Fender and Squier electric guitar deals this Amazon Prime Day

Save up to 20% on a Player Stratocaster, Squier Teles and Jazzmasters at Guitar Center with these Prime Day-beating deals
(Image credit: Fender)

Are you hoping to bag yourself an epic deal on a new Fender or Squier guitar this Prime Day? Well, you’re certainly in luck. The Guitar Center “gear up to gig” sale is in full swing, meaning you can currently get up to 20% off a wide range of music gear. This incredibly varied sale includes a bunch of excellent Fender and Squier guitars. From a limited-edition HHS Player Stratocaster to a super affordable Bullet Telecaster and even pastel colored offsets, such as Jazzmasters and Jaguars. There really is something for everyone in this sale.  

This sale has been running for a few days and a number of wicked guitars have already been snatched up, like the ultra-cool limited-edition all-black Player Strat, as well as the Surf Pearl option - you snooze you lose.

To see what’s still on offer, check out the guitars below - although be quick as you only have two days left to grab a bargain! 

Fender Player Strat HSS: Was $809.99, now $649.99
Are you looking for a contemporary Fender Stratocaster? Well, look no further than the Fender Player Stratocaster HSS Plus. This ultra-modern guitar is capable of producing searing lead tones as well as the crisp, clean tones you’d expect from a Strat. Right now, you can get a whopping $160 off! View Deal

Squier Bullet Tele Red Sparkle: Was $199.99, now $169.99
Looking for a Telecaster that will help you stand out from the crowd? Well, you may want to take advantage of the $30 off this Red Sparkle Squier Bullet Tele. The Bullet range is the perfect beginner guitar, combining the playability Fender is known for, stunning finish options, and all at a super affordable price. View Deal

Squier FSR Bullet Telecaster: Was $179.99, now $149.99
The red sparkle finish not really for you? Well, why not keep it traditional with this FSR (Factory Special Run) Butterscotch Bullet Tele. Same guitar as the model above, but in a more understated finish.View Deal

Squier Bullet Telecaster Rosewood: Was $179.99, $149.99
Okay, you’d prefer a rosewood fingerboard? Well, Guitar Center has an option for that as well. This limited edition Bullet Telecaster pairs the dark rosewood ‘board with the classic Surf Green finish - resulting in a guitar that looks streets ahead of its entry-level price point.View Deal

Squier Bullet Mustang HH: Was $179.99, now $149.99
It has taken Fender far too long to expand their beginner electric guitar range to include some of the more adventurous shapes, such as the offset icon that is the Mustang. Featuring a dual set of humbuckers, this nifty little guitar is ready to rock. Available in the Olympic White or Surf Green finish, with $30 off.View Deal

Squier Classic Vibe '60s Jazzmaster: Was $429.99, now $349.99
Sticking with offsets, we now have the Squier Classic Vibe Jazzmaster, which currently has $80 off. Squier has managed to recreate this stunning underground classic, at a far more affordable price, without compromising on features. This great deal is available on both the Surf Green and Shell Pink options. View Deal

Squier Classic Vibe '70s Jaguar: Was $479.99, now $399.99
Last up is the king of the offsets and Leo Fender’s favorite design - the Jaguar. The retro-inspired guitar pays homage to the Jaguar of the ‘70s, with block inlays, bound neck, and alnico pickups. This wicked guitar is available in Daphne Blue and our personal favorite Shell Pink!View Deal

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