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2015 Guitar World Review Guide: Gear Year in Review, with Playboy's Jaclyn Swedberg, Raquel Pomplun and Pamela Horton

Guitar World's 2015 Guitar Review Guide is available now for $7.99!

The 2015 review guide includes the top picks of the year's best gear, modeled by Playboy Playmates Jaclyn Swedberg, Raquel Pomplun and Pamela Horton. The issue also features the hottest new gear for this holiday season: electrics, recording gear, acoustics, basses, effects, amps, holiday gift ideas, stocking stuffers and more! Plus a special 2015 sneak preview to help you stay current.

Sections Include:

Electric Guitars - Whether you like them curvy, slim, big or thick, you'll find just the thing to keep you performing all night long.
Acoustic Guitars - If you like your tone au naturel, you'll love this collection of flattops, archtops and acoustic electrics.
Bass Guitars - Lift up the low end with big-bottom beauties in every shape and style.
Amplifiers - Our combos and stacks have all the knobs and inputs you could possibly want. Plug in and make your main ax scream.
Effects - Like to get weird? We've got a throng of boosters, boxes, plug-ins and more that will surely tickle your fancy.
Recording & Accessories - Time to freshen up your bag of tricks? Mix things up with some leather straps, a wang bar or maybe even a perky pair of knobs.

The 2015 Review Guide is available now at the Guitar World Online Store.