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Early Black Friday deals have landed at Guitar Center - save 15% off selected guitar gear right now

(Image credit: Schecter)

Everybody loves a New Guitar Day – NGD – just as everyone hates waiting for the official Black Friday guitar deals before they can enjoy their next special purchase. But don't, ahem, fret, this year's gonna be different. Guitar Center is giving us the opportunity to enjoy a NGD early.

Up until November 10 it's offering hundreds of premium guitars and other guitar gear at a 15% discount. All you have to do is pick-out a qualifying product priced at $199 or more, enter the code music15 at checkout and save yourself up to $500. It couldn't be easier.

There are stunning electric guitars included in the promotion from the likes of Jackson, Gretsch, Schecter and Ibanez. There are glorious acoustics from Martin, Yamaha and Takamine, too. If you’re after a new bass guitar there are options from Markbass, Hofner, Spector and NS Design, together with amps and cabs from Bad Cat, Mission Engineering, Pignose, Laney and more.

Below we've picked our favorite guitars and guitar-related gear from this generous promotion. Head over to Guitar Center to discover even more heavily discounted products.

Schecter Guitar Research DEMON-7: $469.99

Schecter Guitar Research DEMON-7: $469.99, $399.49
Nothing screams metal more than a Schecter, and no Schecter screams metal louder than a seven string. That's right, you counted seven strings on this Vintage White beast. If you live to play at the darker, hellish fringes of music then this Demon is the one for you. It sports a basswood body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard and Seymour Duncan Designed HB-107 active pups that are powerful enough to wake the dead. At this price you won't have to sell your soul to get one.

Alvarez AG610CEAR Grand Auditorium: $619

Alvarez AG610CEAR Grand Auditorium: $619, $526
We guitar players demand fabulous tonewoods and insist on outstanding tone, but what about comfort? Now you can own a truly comfortable guitar without having to give your numb right arm for it. The spectacular looking AG610CEAR acoustic electric is crafted with a bevel-edged armrest that will make extended playing less of a performance and more of a pleasure. It goes without saying that the tonewood and tone boxes have already been ticked.

Hofner Ignition Series Violin Bass: $399.99

Hofner Ignition Series Violin Bass: $399.99, $339.99
Now's the time to channel your inner Paul McCartney, without having to channel his millions. This version of the Beatles’ iconic short-scale bass is true to the original with its flatwound strings, teacup knobs and hollow body. Nothing else is going to get you close to that warm, woody tone. Come and Get It…

LsL Instruments Saticoy DX HSS Spalted Maple Top Electric: was $3,447, now $2,947

LsL Instruments Saticoy DX HSS Spalted Maple Top Electric: was $3,447, now $2,947
We thought we'd maximise your savings by recommending this astonishingly pretty LsL S-shaped beauty. You're feasting your eyes on a boutique, gloss-finished alder body with spalted maple burl top, mated to an outstanding roasted maple neck. There's a duo of handwired single coil pups in the neck and middle positions, plus a handwired humbucker at the bridge. OK, it's not cheap, but right now it's 500 bucks cheaper than it should be.

Bad Cat Hot Cat 30R 1x12 Tube Combo: $1,899

Bad Cat Hot Cat 30R 1x12 Tube Combo: $1,899, $1,614
What an opportunity to bag yourself a Bad Cat guitar amp at a knockdown price. This is the Hot Cat, almost impossible to tame, but bound to claw its way into your heart. Thirty watts of high-gain British-style pure tube tone awaits, delivered by a 12AX7 preamp and a dual EL34 power amp. There's a sparkly clean channel plus a dirty channel, both with digital reverb. We'd love to say 'purrfect', but we’d never be allowed to write for Guitar World again.

Simon Fellows

When Simon's childhood classical guitar teacher boasted he 'enjoyed a challenge', the poor man had no idea how much he'd underestimated the scale of the task ahead. Despite Simon's lack of talent, the experience did spark a lifelong passion for music. His classical guitar was discarded for an electric, then a room full of electrics before Simon discovered the joys of keys. Against all odds, Simon somehow managed to blag a career as a fashion journalist, but he's now more suitably employed writing for Guitar World and MusicRadar. When not writing or playing, he can be found terrifying himself on his mountain bike.