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Get two TC Electronic pedals for only $75 with this unbelievable Cyber Monday deal

Get two TC Electronic pedals for only $75 with this unbelievable Cyber Monday deal
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Amongst the flood of fantastic Cyber Monday guitar deals currently appearing across all major US music retailers, this epic deal from Guitar Center stands out as one of the best – right now you can pick any two TC Electronic pedals for just $75!

This unbelievable deal covers just about every pedal possibility. Reverbs and choruses, fuzzes and drives, compressors and phasers – no effect is off the table. And with each pedal retailing individually between $49.99 and $59.99, in some cases this deal could save you almost 40%.

With so much choice it could be tricky narrowing your basket down to just a couple (or 4, or 6, who's counting?) pedals. Our top picks from this unmissable deal are the 3rd Dimension Chorus, Cinders Overdrive, Skysurfer Reverb, The Prophet Digital Delay and the Nether Octaver. While all absolutely brilliant pedals on their own, grouped together these effects would make a fantastically well-rounded pedalboard.

Get two TC Electronic pedals for only $75 @Guitar Center
Mix and match from a vast range of effects pedals from the highly regarded pedal company. Chorus, reverb, delay, distortion, drive, overdrive – whatever you're after, all effects are covered in this one of a kind Cyber Monday deal.View Deal

This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to give your pedalboard a little (or a lot of) love. Perhaps you've been planning on a major overhaul of your collection? This could be a super affordable way to do it. Or perhaps there’s that one effect you’ve been dying to get your hands on. Why not pair up with a friend and get one each? That's $37.50 each for some awesome new FX.

We're expecting this deal to go wild, so act fast while stocks last.

The full list of TC Electronic pedals included in this deal

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