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These 35 epic Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are still live - electric guitars, acoustics, pedals, amps and more

These 35 epic Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are still live - electric guitars, acoustics, pedals, amps and more
(Image credit: Blackstar/Epiphone/TC Electronic/Squier/Neural DSP/Ukutune)

Well, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over for another year. There has been some truly epic discounting this year - so much so, that we've been taking a look at our favorite deals of the event, some of which are still live.

This year was the biggest to date, with some ridiculous discounts being offered up. Whether it was a new acoustic guitar, electric guitar or guitar amp you needed, there was a deal for you. 

If you missed out on that killer new addition to your guitar collection, that amp you always wanted or a new bit of studio software, there's no need to worry - there are plenty of deals still available to take advantage of. In fact, a few retailers, such as Guitar Center, Musician's Friend and Sweetwater, have even extended their sales into a full 'Cyber Week'.

We've rounded up what we think are the very best deals that are still available today. If you still haven't found what you're looking for, there are even more live deals to check out on our Cyber Monday guitar deals page.

It's worth keeping in mind that some of our very favorite Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals sold out completely, so if you see something on this list that takes your fancy, we'd recommend you jump on it immediately. These deals aren't going to be around forever!

These Cyber Week sales are live now

Acoustic guitars

Epiphone Dove Studio Ltd Ed: $459.99

Epiphone Dove Studio Ltd Ed: $459.99, $389
With its ornate pickguard, imposing size, and classy appointments, the Epiphone Dove is already an absolutely stunning guitar, throw in a brilliant white finish, and it takes this instrument to a whole new level. Featuring the Fishman Sonitone pickup, this acoustic sounds just as good as it looks. 

Fender CC-60SCE: was $349.99

Fender CC-60SCE: was $349.99, now $279.99
Perfect for both beginners and advanced acoustic players alike, the Fender CC-60SCE in Aged Cognac Burst finish boasts superb playability courtesy of its satin-finished mahogany neck, and a well-balanced tonal response and sleek aesthetic thanks to its all-mahogany build. And in this killer pre-Black Friday Guitar Center deal, you can get it for sub-$280.

Epiphone Hummingbird EC Studio: $479

Epiphone Hummingbird EC Studio: $479, now $379
Regardless of style, from heavy strumming to light fingerstyle, it's all nectar to the Hummingbird. This iconic acoustic looks like a dread and can sound like a dread, but it has a softer, more tender side too. Fantastic build quality, a solid spruce top and Fishman electronics make this 'bird an absolute bargain at $379 at Guitar Center.

Gretsch G9520 Jim Dandy: was $179, now $159

Gretsch G9520 Jim Dandy: was $179, now $159
With classic looks and a compact body that nonetheless produces a beautifully round tone, the G9520 Jim Dandy is the perfect pick-up-and-play acoustic for beginners. A lot of guitar for the money as it stands, this stylish parlor acoustic can now be grabbed for $20 off at Guitar Center.

Ukutune Black Friday deal: 50% off everything

Ukutune Black Friday deal: 50% off everything
Treat yourself to one of eight killer Ukutune ukes this Black Friday, starting from a crazy $24.99. Whether you want a soprano, concert or tenor, there are options for players of all abilities and ages up for grabs. With each ukulele you’ll get a free extra set of Aquila Nylgut strings and a gig bag, to make sure you’ve got everything you need to get playing. Save big until December 1st.

Electric guitars

Gretsch G2217 Streamliner Junior Jet Club: $349

Gretsch G2217 Streamliner Junior Jet Club: $349, $249
One of the biggest electric guitar bargains you’ll find this Cyber Monday is this gorgeous Gretsch single-cut for just $249. Aside from its two alluring finishes – White Pearl Metallic and Dark Cherry Metallic – the JJC BT’s big selling point is its pair of Broad’Tron humbuckers, which offer a wide frequency response for a more contemporary twist on the company’s trademark tones. And at $100 off from Guitar Center, you really have no excuse not to sample that great Gretsch sound.

Epiphone ES-335 Traditional Pro: was $599

Epiphone ES-335 Traditional Pro: was $599, now $479
Not only is this good-looking semi-hollow a good $120 cheaper than Epiphone’s regular ES-335, it has the added bonus of coil-splits for its Alnico Classic Pro humbuckers. Throw in a classic layered maple body, rounded C mahogany neck, and choice of four finishes, and you get a winner of a Cyber Monday Epiphone deal.

Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro V: $2,099

Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro V: $2,099, $1,599
The Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro V is about as versatile as a Les Paul gets, packing coil-splits and out-of-phase switches, and comes in a luxurious Satin Wine Red finish. If you're in the market for a bonafide rock machine, this has to be your next guitar – especially with Guitar Center slashing the price to just $1,599.

Squier Bullet Mustang HH: was $189

Squier Bullet Mustang HH: was $189, now $149
Get the perfect electric guitar for beginners in this unbelievable Cyber Monday deal. Start playing straight out of the box, thanks to a short 24" scale, which makes your first chords and solos easy, while those dual humbuckers will deliver plenty of output for whatever style you want to play.

Fender Player Strat, Black: $799

Fender Player Strat, Black: $799, now $699
David Gilmour's iconic black Strat is one of the most valuable (and most expensive) guitars on the planet. Luckily for you, Guitar Center has slashed $100 off the price of a Player Strat with a similar aesthetic – so you can get those Comfortably Numb vibes at a steal. That iconic Strat tone is delivered by three Player series single coils - with the maple fingerboard providing that signature 'snap' to compliment. Thanks very much, GC!

Epiphone Les Paul Custom: was $729

Epiphone Les Paul Custom: was $729, now $599
Guitars don’t come much classier than this limited-edition Inspired By Gibson Epiphone "Tuxedo" Les Paul Custom. Thanks to the Antique Ivory finish, it's a drop-dead stunner, and it’s got the tones to match, which arrive courtesy of the creamy ProBuckers. Its spec sheet has got the DNA of a classic Gibson, but the unique aesthetics will ensure you stand out in a sea of regular old burst-finished Les Pauls.

Squier Classic Vibe Esquire: was $479.99

Squier Classic Vibe Esquire: was $479.99,$429.99
The single-pickup Esquire is one of the rarer models in Squier's product line. After being introduced by Fender back in 1950 shortly before the Telecaster, this no-nonsense six-string has been adopted by a wide range of famous players over the years, including Jeff Beck, Syd Barrett, Joe Strummer and Steve Cropper, and now you can get your hands on this Squier recreation for just over $400.

Squier Stratocaster Ltd-Ed Pack: $249

Squier Stratocaster Ltd-Ed Pack: $249, now $199
Start learning guitar today with this all-in-one pack, which includes an electric guitar based on Fender's classic Stratocaster design, a Squier Frontman 10G amp – featuring aux in and headphone out jacks – plus all the accessories you need to get playing now: a 10" cable, strap, gigbag and even picks.

Bass guitars

Fender Player Precision Bass: was $824

Fender Player Precision Bass: was $824, now £599
It's a little more subtle, and it won't grab as many eyes, but you can be sure it will grab as many ears. The split-coil middle pickup will sound right at home serving up slaps or rustling up rapid-fire runs, and the C-profile neck will have you gliding up the 'board with ultimate ease. Once again, it's the lowest priced Precision Basses currently on the market.

Fender Player Jazz Bass: was $829

Fender Player Jazz Bass: was $829, now $649
Bag this Blue Burst beauty, which provides all of Fender's legendary low-end tones, for just $649 – currently the cheapest price tag for a Jazz Bass on the market right now. Two single-coils, a 9.5" radius maple fretboard and a comfortable C-shape neck make for one delightfully sounding, ultra-comfortable playing experience. Oh, and did we mention that finish?

Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass: $449.99

Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass: $449.99, $349.99
The Contemporary series builds on Fender's legacy and brings it into the modern-day, with sought-after features and sleek new finishes. The SQR Active Ceramic pickups deliver bags of low-end punch and a clarity only found on active electronics - and even better, you can save $100 off the retail price.

Guitar amps

Positive Grid Spark + bag: $299

Positive Grid Spark + bag: $299, now $224
With thousands of tones on tap, wireless Bluetooth and fast USB connectivity, plus intelligent functions such as Smart Jam and Auto Chords, it’s no wonder the Spark is the best-selling practice amp on the planet. This offer saves you $75 in cash on the normal price, plus you get a free padded gig bag (usually $60) and free shipping.

Surf Green Blackstar Studio 10 6L6: $729

Surf Green Blackstar Studio 10 6L6: $729, $599
This compact, rock-solid combo – with its 6L6 power tube and Celestion Seventy-80 1x12” speaker – aims to give you classic American tube cleans, without breaking the bank, or your back. Save $130 on the amp at Sweetwater today.

Guitar pedals

Line 6 Helix: free Helix Native & Cubase Elements

Line 6 Helix: free Helix Native & Cubase Elements
The Helix is Line 6’s flagship guitar processor, packing a dizzying array of ultra-accurate amp and effects models, all navigated via an intuitive interface that makes dialing in its tonal delights a breeze. For Cyber Monday, you can also equip yourself with the Helix Native plugin, which injects the unit’s gold-standard tones into your DAW, as well as a whole DAW, Cubase Elements, with your purchase. It’s the perfect way to get into recording – and it’s included free!

Neural DSP Quad Cortex: free GigCase worth $119

Neural DSP Quad Cortex: free GigCase worth $119
Here it is: the floor modeler all the bad guys want. The Quad Cortex has proven so immensely popular that Neural DSP can’t make enough, so the sooner you buy into its truly awesome power, the less time you have to wait to glide your fingers over its delectable 7-inch touchscreen display and harness its jaw-dropping tonal realism. But if you’ve been holding out for a special deal, now’s the time to buy. Dropping the $1,849 asking price – not bad for every tone you ever wanted – nets you a sweet GigCase over at Sweetwater. Said GigCase is specially designed for the Quad Cortex, with a clamshell design, shoulder strap and internal accessory pouch. Of all the carry cases we’ve admired, this has a true air of refinement, befitting of the floor unit it’s designed to hold.

Line 6 HX Stomp: free bag worth $79

Line 6 HX Stomp: free bag worth $79
Gotta get those sweet Helix tones, but want to integrate them with your existing pedalboard? Line 6 has got you: that’s precisely what the HX Stomp sets out to achieve. It’s the most tone per inch you’ll find on the market, with an astonishing level of flexibility given its diminutive stature. Buy it now and you’ll get a luxurious, luggage-grade HX Messenger Bag, which can not only fit your new favorite multi-FX and amp modeler, but all your cables and power supplies besides. Lovely.

Behringer HM300 Heavy Metal Distortion: $25

Behringer HM300 Heavy Metal Distortion: $25, $18.99
Can't afford the Boss HM-2W reissue? You can get pretty close with Behringer's obscenely affordable version of the beloved classic. Crank all the controls to full and hold on for dear life as the chainsaw sound of Swedish death metal tears up your guitar tone. You won't get more distortion for your buck than with this savage deal, which knocks $6 off the already brutally low price.


Behringer SF300 Super Fuzz: $25, now $18.99
Recreate iconic octave fuzz tones with the Behringer SF300, and do it without breaking the bank. With a two-band EQ, Gain and Level controls, and featuring three different fuzz modes, the SF300 is cheap and versatile. It's housed in a plastic enclosure, but for under $20 we can’t complain.

TC Electronic Ditto+ Looper: $149, now $74.49

TC Electronic Ditto+ Looper: $149, now $74.49
TC Electronic’s Ditto looper pedal is an industry favorite. Having been a stalwart in the world of live looping for some time, this update to the Ditto - the Ditto+ - is a welcome one. With 60 minutes of recording time onboard, we challenge you to run out of space - and with 99 slots to save your loops and unlimited overdubs, the Ditto+ is sure to take your looping game to the next level. Get $74.51 off at Sweetwater now. Read the full TC Electronic Ditto+ review here.

TC Electronic Plethora X5: was $549, now $399

TC Electronic Plethora X5: was $549, now $399
Ever felt like you just want all the pedals, all the time? We feel your pain – and that’s why we’re stoked to see TC’s Plethora multi-effects unit on sale with Sweetwater. The X5 is capable of delivering 5 simultaneous effects, and has 15 TonePrints per effect, meaning you’ll probably never run out of combinations to try. It also has 127 custom pedalboard presets, cab sims, an FX loop, Bluetooth and MIDI in and thru. Save $150 on the most versatile TC pedal on the market.

JHS PackRat Distortion: $249

JHS PackRat Distortion: $249, now $211.65
It's no secret how JHS frontman, Josh Scott feels about the RAT. It comes as no surprise then, that he would lovingly recreate all the most important iterations of this beloved distortion and place them all in one box. This pedal was only released weeks ago and you can bag $37.35 off right now!

JHS Morning Glory Overdrive: $199

JHS Morning Glory Overdrive: $199, now $169.15
This "transparent" overdrive is a must-have pedal for those looking for a versatile, smooth drive that suits a myriad of styles, from clean to rock n roll.

JHS Emperor Chorus/Vibrato: $219

JHS Emperor Chorus/Vibrato: $219, $186.15
Sometimes your tone just needs a little movement and wobble, and the Emperor certainly does that. This all-analog chorus/vibrato uses the famous 3207 chipset and even has a tap tempo - all for only $186.15!


Positive Grid BIAS Software: Up to 50% off

Positive Grid BIAS Software: Up to 50% off  
Save big on a range of BIAS software. Everything from FX 2, Experience Jimi Hendrix, BIAS Pedal and FX 2 Metal Edition are all heavily discounted right now.  

AmpliTube 5 MAX: Was $599, now $349

AmpliTube 5 MAX: Was $599, now $349
Save a huge 42% off IK Multimedia's AmpliTube 5 MAX. Included are 107 stomps, 107 amplifiers, 101 cabinets, 31 speakers, 44 rack FX, 18 microphones and 8 rooms - more than enough for most guitarists or home producers. Save $250 this Black Friday.

iZotope Gold Package: $1,342

iZotope Gold Package: $1,342, now $49, save $1,293
Everything you need to bring professional levels of craftsmanship and creativity to your guitar production and more. You get iZotope Elements 6, which comprises entry-level but very capable versions of RX, Nectar, Neutron and Ozone. In addition, you get Trash 2 to mangle and distort your creations. On top of that, there's Exponential Audio's R2 reverb, Phoenix reverb and Excalibur effects. All for just $49.

BIAS FX 2 Elite: was $299, now $149

BIAS FX 2 Elite: was $299, now $149
BIAS FX 2 enables you to create and endlessly tweak your entire dream rig using an extremely intuitive signal path GUI. Yes, you could buy the Standard or Pro packages but at this price the Elite version makes much more sense. You get 100 amps, 122 effects, 20 Guitar Match models, 18 HD rack units, and the three new fuzz, time and harmonizer modellers. Significantly, Positive Grid has also thrown in all three modules of its BIAS Pedal software, which has a $297 value (currently discounted to $147).


Guitareo + bonuses worth $885: was $127

Guitareo + bonuses worth $885: was $127, now $97
With a Cyber Monday saving of 24%, you can get involved with one of the most engaging guitar learning platforms on the market. Just $97 will get you access to unlimited lessons for 12 months, personal reviews and feedback from real tutors, and over 500 chord charts. Plus, you’ll get lifetime access to five extra courses, including Rob Scallon’s GuitarQuest, worth up to $885 absolutely free. And, if for some reason you aren’t happy after 90 days, you get your money back. You can’t lose. 

1 year Fender Play + Mustang Micro: $330

1 year Fender Play + Mustang Micro: $330, $129.99
With a total saving of over 60%, you can level up your learning with a whole year’s access to thousands of pro-shot video tutorials covering artists from the Rolling Stones to Ed Sheeran, and get a feature-packed Mustang Micro headphone amplifier completely free.

TrueFire's All Access Plus pass: was $629, now $199

TrueFire's All Access Plus pass: was $629, now $199
TrueFire's All Access Plus pass gives you the same access to tens of thousands of in-depth, useful lessons, plus extra goodies like a trio of course download credits. With its price cut almost 70% for Cyber Monday, we reckon this is as good a deal for this kind of all-encompassing guitar lesson package as you'll ever find.

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