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Video: New Device Records, Tunes and Helps Protect Guitars from Environmental Damage

Here's something we stumbled upon this morning on Kickstarter.

It's a video about Acoustic Stream, a new wireless tuner/recorder that monitors humidity and temperature to hopefully help you protect your guitar.

From the company:

"Musicians get the functionality of four devices in one. Record or perform wirelessly, tune and protect instruments from environmental damage.

"It empowers guitarists in the creation and performance of your musical inspirations while also providing the peace of mind that your prized instrument is properly monitored while you are away. ... Acoustic Stream performs its functions simply and easily then gets out of the way of your creative process.

"Acoustic Stream gives musicians the features and capabilities they need most by wirelessly connecting their instrument to the power of their smart phone or tablet. It simplifies life and saves money by combining recording, performing, tuning and protection into one compact device. Instruments are susceptible to damage from rapid environment changes, and now musicians can protect their investment by placing Acoustic Stream inside their instrument or case.

"It uses intelligent sensor technology to warn users of imminent damage that could cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars in repairs and lost value."

For more information, check out the video below or visit the device's Kickstarter page.