AXOLOGY: Boss Brings Out SL-20 Slicer and DD-7 Pedals

Boss has announced the addition of two new pedals for its effects line: the SL-20 Slicer and DD-7 Digital Delay.

The SL-20 is a twin pedal that transforms guitars, vocals and other instruments into pulsating groove instruments. It has 50 onboard slice patterns with adjustable attack and duration, including an innovative Harmonic Slicer feature that generates percussive melodies.

The Sl-20 features tap tempo, external MIDI clock sync, a variety of output modes (including 3-D panning), and control of sound characteristics such as attack, duration, level, and direct level. An onboard looper allows the processed audio to be recorded and looped in real-time and then performed over.

The DD-7 Digital Delay expands upon the features of its predecessors with new types of delay, including modulation delay, classic modeled analog delay, expanded delay time and more.

The DD-7 has up to 6.4 seconds of delay time — a marked increase from its predecessor, the DD-6—and offers up to 40 seconds of sound-on-sound recording in Hold mode. Its Modulation mode offers unique chorus-type sounds, and its Analog Delay mode models the warm classic sound of the Boss DM-2. Users can also control tap tempo, delay time, feedback, and effect level via an optional external footswitch or expression pedal.

The DD-7’s stereo output enables the creation of spatial audio sweeps via true stereo panning. The stereo outputs can also be used to create separate dry and wet signal paths — convenient for recording and live performance control.