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10 Father's Day Gift Ideas For Guitarists

When it comes to gifts, it’s apparently the thought that counts. However to the untrained eye, there are so many possible gift ideas for guitar players. First you have to know what the weird names of everything mean, then you have to know if the person you’re buying for already owns one or not. We can’t help you with the latter, but we can provide some solid, failsafe inspiration for gifts that any guitarist will love this Father’s Day. 

A Subscription to Guitar World Magazine

Yes, we’re biased, but a subscription to Guitar World is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year and beyond. With our current offer, you can gift your father (or anyone!) 24 issues of the magazine, delivered direct to their door every month for just $24.95.

D’Addario Multi-Tool

Guitars have a lot of moving, tweak-able parts. Things come loose, require adjustment and some basic maintenance from time-to-time to keep everything running smoothly. Whether it’s tightening a loose strap button, or adjusting your guitar’s trussrod, the D’Addario Multi-Tool is a compact way of keeping the most common tools you need in one place. 

Blackstar Fly3

If your practice amp doesn’t sound good, you’re never going to enjoy playing the guitar. Thankfully, Blackstar’s genius Fly3 amp delivers tone way above its stature. There are two channels (clean and distortion) with a tap-style delay effect and Blackstar’s ISF tone control on-board too. As well as this, it has an aux-input for playing music through, and a headphone socket for silent practice. Oh, and it can be powered from the mains or batteries: perfect for playing on-the-go! 

Since its release, Blackstar has created various visual twists on the Fly3 including the Silver and Sugar Skull editions, or most recently, the Bluetooth-equipped, Fly3 Def Leppard (pictured)! 

 G7th Capo

What’s the best capo? If your answer is ‘The one in your hand’ then you need to try a G7th. Since its introduction well-over a decade ago, the G7th has been king when it comes to getting a capo on your guitar’s neck. Now in its 3rd incarnation, the latest G7th features the same silky-smooth gripping action as its predecessors, with the added benefit of Adaptive Radius Technology (ART), meaning it will fit any guitar. The only capo you’ll need. 

Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini

Few pedals have become as universally loved as the Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808 and TS9. Either used in front of a tube amp to get extra gain from the valves, or as a main source of overdrive. Ibanez released the Tube Screamer Mini, complete with TS808-style graphics and labelling to great applause, and for good reason. This mini-green-meanie delivers incredible value for money. A must for anyone wanting an overdrive on a small board, and budget.  

Audient iD4 Audio Interface

If you want to start recording your guitar, you’ll need a way of getting your signal into your computer. This can be as simple of as complicated as you want to make it, but a straightforward audio interface such as the Audient iD4 is a solid investment. The iD4 has a combination jack/XLR socket, so you can record from a microphone or your direct guitar signal. The onboard phantom power means that you can hook up a condenser microphone for recording your acoustic or vocals, and the whole lot is powered by USB. Audient’s studio console heritage has trickled down to the iD range, meaning that this is one of the best quality interfaces in its price range.  

Birdcord USB Cable

We’re used to all of our devices being powered by USB these days, and the Birdcord makes it possible to juice-up your pedalboard over USB too! It takes the 5 volt USB standard, and converts it to a pedal-friendly 9v, capable of handling up to 1000mA, which should be plenty to power a small board with simple pedals. The benefit of the Birdcord is that you can run your pedals from an adequately equipped USB power bank, isolating it from the mains supply. Or, alternatively, it could be a gig-saving spare to keep in your guitar case with a phone charger for power emergencies.

Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone

A Shure SM57 is the go-to for miking-up your guitar amp, either live or in the studio. This relatively inexpensive microphone is robust enough to take pretty much as much punishment as you can throw at it, and has been a standard for decades. The flat grille makes it perfect for placing close to the source too, and it’s the ideal solution for any guitarist who is playing live or recording (or both!) regularly.

Ernie Ball String Multi-Pack 

Let’s face it: you can never have enough strings. While they might not be the most exciting of consumables, they do make an excellent gift, and one you’ll be thanked doubly for when the top-E goes mid-gig. Ernie Ball’s brightly coloured string packs are a guitar store staple, and are available in multi-packs of three sets. Check the gauge that the person you’re buying for uses, and you’ll be hard-pushed to go wrong.

MusicNomad Premium 5-piece Guitar Care Kit

MusicNomad’s Premium Care Kit comes with The Guitar ONE complete cleaner, Guitar Polish and F-One fretboard oil to keep your guitar’s finish and fingerboard looking and feeling its best. As well as this, the kit includes two microfibre cloths to gently clean your guitar without leaving lint behind.MusicNomad cleaning products are eco-friendly, and the guitar care kit can be used safely on all lacquer finishes, including nitro-cellulose (not suitable for matte finishes).