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Best Father’s Day gifts 2020: great Father’s Day gift ideas for guitarists

Best Father’s Day gifts 2020: great Father’s Day gift ideas for guitarists
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Father’s Day is on the horizon, with the big day taking place on Sunday 21 June. As Father’s Day approaches, it’s a good idea to have something in mind to show the old guy you’re grateful to him for raising you up to be the fine individual you are today. If he’s a guitar player, you’re in luck because we’ve rounded up a selection of some of great dad gifts for guitar lovers.

From practical guitar-related tools and equipment, ‘build it yourself’ type hobby projects and online lessons from some of music’s biggest names, there’s something for every father and every budget. We’ll even pledge to keep our own personal collection of dad jokes down to a bare minimum. Read on to find out what made it into our 2020 guide to the best Father’s Day gifts. 

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10 of the best Father’s Day gifts available today

Best father's day gifts: IK Multimedia iRig HD 2

(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

IK Multimedia iRig HD 2

Turns your iPad or iPhone into an amp, quickly and simply

Price: $99.99/£100

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have revolutionised all manner of things. What the early smartphone device manufacturers perhaps didn’t bank on was clever music technology firms like IK Multimedia seeing a phone and thinking “guitar amp”. The IK Multimedia iRig HD 2 does exactly this. You plug one end into your phone or tablet, and your electric guitar into the other, and hey presto, pretty much every amplifier tone you could ever need at the end of your fingertips.

Best father's day gifts: Ernie Ball Musician’s Tool Kit

(Image credit: Ernie Ball)

Ernie Ball Musician’s Tool Kit

All the tools of the trade

Price: $29.99/£45

Dads, as we know, like to tinker. If yours is anything like ours, the promise of a quiet Sunday afternoon with something to repair is as close to heaven as it gets. The Ernie Ball Musician’s Tool Kit is a specialist set of hex wrenches, measuring jigs, string cutters and more, all designed specifically for those guitar jobs he’s always meant to get around to doing.

Best father's day gifts: Boss Waza-Air

(Image credit: Boss)

Boss Waza-Air

Wireless headphone guitar amplifier

Price: $399/£515

Guitar amplifiers are wonderful things. They take the sounds baked into our guitar’s body and transform it into something joyous. Which is great, if you like that sound. If you’re not so keen, but your dad is, then the Boss Waza-Air wireless guitar headphones may be just the answer, giving him hundreds of studio quality tones that he can enjoy without bothering the rest of the family. 

Best father's day gifts: Fender Custom Shop Half Zip Sweater

(Image credit: Fender)

Fender Custom Shop Half Zip Sweater

Keep the cold at bay, in style

Price: $39.99/£39.99

A good, hard-wearing sweater is a staple of any dad’s wardrobe. Allow him to show his fine taste in electric instruments with the Fender Custom Shop Half Zip sweater. The Custom Shop logo stands out nicely without being overbearing, much like the instruments themselves, making this an ideal Father’s Day gift.

Best father's day gifts: God City Instruments DIY PCBs

(Image credit: God City Instruments)

God City Instruments DIY PCBs

The ultimate project for the engineering father

Price: $10

If your father is partial to a guitar pedal, how about letting him build his own? These neat printed circuit boards (PCBs) from God City Instruments come with instructions on how to populate them – you’ll need to source the bits – making this an enticing project, but one which results in a pedal that will last a lifetime. Assuming he follows the instructions.

It Might Get Loud: Blu-ray

Legends of the game come together

Price: $25.95

While nowadays it’s easy to stream any film you can think of, we’re still big fans of tangible art. It Might Get Loud is part-documentary, part-chat show featuring three of guitar’s best-known players. Watching Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White sit, surrounded by vintage gear, nerding out over the guitar and showing off their techniques is compelling viewing for any player.

Masterclass Guitar Lessons

Video lessons from the artists themselves

Price: $99 for individual classes, or $199 for total access to all classes (annually)

Guitar lessons can be a drag. Learning the same pentatonic lick repeatedly would drive anyone to despair. Imagine instead having on-demand lessons from Carlos Santana, or Tom Morello, where these two genuine icons talk through their techniques and discuss how they reached the tops of their respective games. Your dad may never look at a pentatonic in the same way again. 

Learn from Carlos Santana
Learn from Tom Morello

Sound City: Blu-ray

A trip through musical time

Price: $24.98

When Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) got rich he did what most musicians would do; splurged his fortune on cool vintage gear. Part of his splurging involved nabbing the famed mixing desk from Sound City studios which, in turn, made him want to explore the rich history of this iconic piece of studio gear. Cue a huge trip down memory lane, with cameos and anecdotes from everyone, from Slipknot to Fleetwood Mac. Fascinating stuff.

Bets father's day gifts: Band Industries Roadie 2 Automatic Tuner

(Image credit: Band Industries)

Band Industries Roadie 2 Automatic Tuner

Let the robots have this job

Price: $129/£138

No matter how good a guitarist your dad is, keeping the instrument in tune is a necessity. He may have dedicated tuning pedals, or just a very good ear, but in the Band Industries Roadie 2 there is a new toy in town. This robot tuner attaches to the guitar’s tuning peg and, through monitoring the vibrations of the guitar, automatically adjusts it to perfect tuning in seconds. 

Best father's day gifts: ZIMO DIY Ukulele

(Image credit: ZIMO)

ZIMO DIY Ukulele

Happiness arrives in pieces

Price: Cost: $41.99

If none of the above are tempting you, how about giving your dad an entire instrument to build for himself? The ZIMO DIY Ukulele kit delivers exactly that, coming in a series of boxes and bags waiting for someone to lovingly piece them together. At the end, he’ll get an instrument he’s not only built himself; he’ll get one he hopefully bonded with too.

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