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Black Friday deal: This limited edition Squier bass is $100 off at Guitar Center right now

Squier Black Friday bass guitar deal
(Image credit: Squier)

With early Black Friday guitar deals already flying around, we’re going through them with a fine-tooth comb so that you don’t have to. The big day might be at the end of the month, but retailers are wasting no time in getting the price-snippers out already - take this 20% discount on a Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass at Guitar Center

The retail giant has stripped $100 off the normal price of this active beauty, meaning that you can get all of the classic feel of a Jazz Bass, combined with the punchy modern tone of active pickups, for just $399.

Squier Contemporary Active Jazz Bass HH: $449, now $349
When classic meets modern, you get the Squier Contemporary Jazz bass HH limited edition. This four-stringer is loaded with two SQR ceramic humbuckers and an active preamp to deliver as much thump as you need. It's available in the sleek-looking Satin Graphite Metallic finish, but don't hang around: this deal ends on 11/11.View Deal

As well as the familiar outline and tapered neck (34” scale length), this Squier version of Leo’s much-loved bass comes with a maple fretboard, 20 narrow tall frets, dot inlays and a Satin Graphite Metallic finish. What’s more, the headstock is matched to finish the sharp, modern look.

But the big deal here is the inclusion of the dual SQR ceramic humbuckers. Paired with the active preamp, these p’ups will deliver consistent, meaty tone that will still cut through the mix: perfect for modern bass styles from pop to funk and rock.

You’ll need to hurry though, as the clock is already ticking on this offer, which runs until the 11/11.