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Photo Gallery: Guitar World Magazine Covers Through the Years — 1983

By 1983 Guitar World was on its way. Readership was growing, feedback was voluminous (and mostly positive), and some of the world's biggest musicians were gracing the covers.

This year saw interviews with Pete Townshend, Jaco Pastorius and even the legendary Les Paul. Sadly, it also saw the death of Muddy Waters, one of the most important and influential guitarists of the 20th century. As the chronicles of Guitar World continued to grow, it would become evident that every new and exciting discovery would in turn be undercut by unavoidable loss.

Regardless, Guitar World stood fast in its mission to deliver the progression of guitar music, revelatory stories and news, both good and bad.

Next week: 1984. Rock takes over starting with that most indispensable of guitar heroes, Eddie Van Halen.

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