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Black Friday? More like Blackstar Friday! Get 27% off this Special Edition Studio 10 1x12 combo amp

Blackstar Special Edition Studio 10
(Image credit: Blackstar Amps)

UPDATE: This deal has sold out! But there are still plenty of killer Musician's Friend deals to be had...

If there’s one thing Blackstar has proven since starting out 12 years ago, it’s that you can easily find boutique guitar amp tones without the boutique price tags.

This KT88-driven Special Edition Studio 10 in emerald is a great example of its classy looks and rich, warm tones. So here comes the good news – Musician’s Friend has just slashed it down by $150 for Black Friday, making it just $399!

The inclusion of the ISF feature means that, though this is a British-style combo amp at heart, you can dial in more scooped and glassy American tones associated with 6L6-type valves.

Don’t be fooled by its 10-Watt rating either – this little combo sounds huge and is loud enough for smaller gigs, though users can still hear those valves being driven on more home-friendly settings.

As well as built-in reverb and a Celestion Seventy-80 12” speaker, it also come with a series effects loop and footswitchable boost.

Bearing in mind Blackstar amps have been used by members of some of the world’s biggest bands – from Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Manic Street Preachers, ZZ Top and Supergrass to countless others - this is a great chance for massive savings on massive tones over at Musician's Friend.

Blackstar Friday: save $150 on this Special Edition Studio 10
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