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Get Vox’s tonesome MV50 mini amp heads for just $149 each in this awesome Black Friday deal

Vox MV50 mini guitar amp heads
(Image credit: Vox Amps)

Vox’s MV50 mini guitar amp heads are among the cheapest, smallest routes to great tone, and for Black Friday's guitar deals, you can snag the AC, Clean, High Gain and Boutique versions for just $149 apiece over at Musician’s Friend.

Each head outputs a whopping 50W of output to a traditional cab, with an all-analog Nutube preamp that delivers dynamic valve tone in a smaller, longer-lasting format.

You’ll also find a direct line out/headphones output, and power switching down to 25 and 12.5W, as well as volume, tone and gain controls.

Fans of cleaner tones will want to opt for the high-headroom Clean and AC30-aping AC models, while Boutique shoots for Dumblier territory, and High Gain takes aim at altogether heavier sounds.

You can secure a discount of up to $70 off each of these mini heads over at Musician’s Friend right now - that’s a bargain whether you’re using this as your main head or as a backup amp for your live rig.

Vox MV50 AC: was $219, now $149 at Musician’s Friend
Capturing the sounds of Vox’s iconic AC30 combo, the MV50 AC is the cheapest, most compact way to get the sounds beloved of The Beatles, Radiohead and U2 in your backline.View Deal

Vox MV50 Clean: was $195, now $149 at Musician’s Friend
Anyone after a high-headroom pedal platform will want to check out this bargainous mini amp from Vox, which delivers 50W of output via a Nutube power amp and Class D power amp.View Deal

Vox MV50 High Gain: was $219, now $149 at Musician’s Friend
Need high gain from a tiny package? Vox has got you covered with this diminutive yet all-powerful head, which boasts a mid control switch to boost or cut the mid-frequency range, spanning tones from hard rock to metal.View Deal

Vox MV50 Boutique: was $219, now $149 at Musician’s Friend
If your tastes veer into unobtainium levels of boutique amplification (ie, Dumble), you’d be wise to check out this teeny amp head from Vox, which goes some way to capturing the sound of those legendary amps for a fraction of the price.View Deal

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