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Go cable-free this Black Friday with $80 off the Boss WL-60 Wireless System

Boss WL-60 Wireless System
(Image credit: Boss)

Liberating yourself from a hardwired jack cable used to be a battle, but these days the best wireless systems make it simpler and more reliable. With wireless technology taking over our lives, why not make the jump with our guitars? 

Amazon has just made it even more affordable with its latest Black Friday guitar deal, serving up a sizzling $80 discount on the fantastic WL-60 wireless system from Boss.

Boss WL-60 Wireless System: $279.99

Boss WL-60 Wireless System: $279.99, now $199.99
The Boss WL-60 takes the pain out of going wireless thanks to its compact size, simple setup and rock-solid performance. With 25 hours playing time from the battery-powered transmitter, ultra-low latency performance and a 20 meter range, you’ll wonder why you ever used a cable in the first place. Bag it now with an $80 discount!

This compact transmitter/receiver setup comprises a small battery-powered WL-60T bodypack which can clip to your guitar strap/clothing, and the Boss pedal-sized WL-60 receiver. No big aerials or precariously balanced rack units here - just set it on your board and it’ll take up minimal space.

The WL-60 also runs on a 2.4GHz frequency, across 14 channels which it will automatically scan to create its rock-solid wireless connection. It’s free of drop-outs, and you won’t pick up interference from passing cabs or radio stations. As well as this, you and your bandmates can use multiple units on stage, and extra transmitter packs are available to purchase if you want to equip a multi-guitar or bass setup without unplugging the pack.

It can transmit up to 20 meters, giving you the freedom to move around the stage without fear of unplugging, as well as being able to step out-front to check levels and tones while you play. There’s a super-low 2.3ms latency time, and Boss’ Cable Tone circuit means that you’ll get the same tone you’re used to from being wired into your rig with a guitar cable.  

The package includes a PSU for the receiver unit, which also features a DC output for daisy chaining other pedals from it, and Boss claims that you can run the transmitter pack for 25 hours from a pair of alkaline AA batteries, meaning that you should be able to get a lot of mileage out of this compact and convenient package

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