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These are the best Cyber Monday guitar accessory deals so far

Guitar cables
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Cyber Monday guitar deals tend to focus on the big-ticket items - the electric guitars, the amps, the pedals - but some of the very best deals can be had on the everyday essentials: the humble guitar accessory.

Below, we've rounded up the best bargains to be had on cables, straps, tuners, pedalboard power supplies, picks, cases and more.

Cables and wireless systems

Line 6 Relay G10S wireless system: $249 $199 at Sweetwater
The best guitar wireless system you can buy just got even better, thanks to this tasty discount over at Sweetwater. Wander up to 130 feet away from your pedalboard and enjoy crystal-clear 24-bit audio from this top-notch guitar accessory.View Deal

Pro Co Evolution Studio/Stage Cable: was $51.99, now $22.99
If you on the lookout for one of the best guitar cables but don't want to break the bank, this 10ft option from Guitar Center could be just the thing you need.View Deal

D'Addario Classic Pro Series Instrument Cable 10ft: $12.99
D'Addario's Classic Pro Series provides the ultimate in quality and value. Featuring a right-angled plug - perfect for side mounted guitar jacks and effects pedals - this 10ft instrument cable will give you the most secure and trustworthy connection possible. View Deal

Fender Vintage Voltage 20 ft. Coil | 2-pack: only $19.99
Fully expandable to 20ft, the Fender Vintage Voltage instrument cable is designed for performance and constructed with quality materials to provide unparalleled sonic clarity.View Deal

Fender Accessories Tin and Cable Starter Pack: only $13.99
Included in this awesome deal; guitar polish, polishing cloth, guitar picks, guitar tuner tool and a 12ft instrument cable, all housed in a handy graphics-covered lunchbox tin, which even has a handle!View Deal

Guitar strings

Ernie Ball Earthwood 80/20 Medium Light strings: only $10
Ernie Ball might be the biggest name in the guitar string market right now. The quality of their strings is trusted by a long and growing list of artists, who know that when they play Ernie Ball, they play the best. Join the club today for only $10. View Deal

Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings three-pack: now $10
These industry-standard electric guitar strings are used by the world’s biggest players, and now you can snap up a bargain on a three-pack over at Guitar Center.View Deal

D’Addario XL strings three-pack: was $13.99, now $9.99
XL electric guitar strings are known as ‘The Player’s Choice’ for a reason: their nickel-plated steel outputs a bright tone and minimizes fret wear, and now you can grab three sets for just $9.99 at Guitar Center.View Deal

Guitar straps

Perri’s guitar straps: starting at $2.39!
If you’re looking for a durable strap with personality, Perri’s has got what you need, and there’s a whopping 40% off over at Guitar Center. You can get everything from plain black seatbelt style offerings to camo getups and that Santa strap you always wanted.View Deal

Guitar tuners

Peterson StroboStomp HD Pedal Tuner: now only $99!
Featuring multi-modal functionality, the StroboStomp is an impressively accurate stompbox tuner, with a bright display - perfect for onstage tuning applications. View Deal

D'Addario Equinox Headstock Tuner: now only $14.99!
This tuner utilizes the vibrations of your guitar, bass or other stringed instrument and provides ultra-precise tuning. Featuring a highly sensitive piezo sensor and large multi-color display, the Equinox allows you to accurately tune in both dimly lit and noisy environments.View Deal

Pedalboard power supplies

Snark 9v Power Supply and Daisy Chain: now only $15!
This awesome power supply powers 5 pedals, simplifying the cable management of your pedalboard!View Deal

Walrus Audio Aetos 120V Clean Power Supply: $135.20
The 8-output Walrus Audio Aetos is a 120V power supply, perfect for powering your effects pedals. Utilizing an internal custom wound toroidal transformer to provide the highest noise filtering possible, this unit will deliver an unparalleled clean quality to your sound. View Deal

Friedman Power Grid 10 Pedal Power Supply: save $33
So you've put tons of effort into researching the best pedals, but you need power supplies to power that awesome pedalboard! The Friedman Power Grid 10 pedal power supply is the best solution to this problem. Housed in a compact form factor, the Power Grid 10 fits easily into the corner of your pedalboard, eliminating that nest of wires so you can focus solely on those tones!View Deal

Guitar picks

Dunlop Tortex picks 1.14 mm 6 dozen: from just $12.74
As guitar players, we all know how easy it is to lose our picks... You buy a pack and days later you find yourself searching for just one to play with. Well, eliminate that problem with this Dunlop Tortex standard pack of 6 dozen guitar picks. That's 72 picks! Should keep you going - until the end of the week at least.View Deal


Dean Markley ProMag Plus XM Acoustic Guitar Pickup: $14.99
Dean Markley's ProMag Plus acoustical pickup has become an industry standard. The maple wood housing gives it a smooth, high-end response. At only $14.99, this pickup is mega affordable, too. View Deal

15% off Seymour Duncan pedals and pickups @ Guitar Center
One of the world’s foremost pickup builders is slashing 15% off its comprehensive range of pedals and active Blackout pickups. From boosts to reverbs and seven-string humbuckers, there’s a deal to be had over at Guitar Center.View Deal


IK Multimedia AmpliTube MAX: $499 $249 at Sweetwater
This comprehensive suite of guitar amps and effects is half-price at Sweetwater, and makes this perhaps the best guitar plugin deal of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and beyond.View Deal

Positive Grid Bias Elite plugin bundle: now only $159
An all-in-one amp modeling software solution. With 100 amps, 100 effects, 18 rack processors, 18 guitars and tons more, this is perhaps one of the best value deals we've seen all Black Friday.View Deal

Get Waves' Renaissance Axx Plugin for $79 $29.99
Engineered for guitars, the R-Axx is an all-in-one dynamics processor that delivers mix-ready results in seconds. Get it now for an astonishingly low price.View Deal

Get Waves' CLA Guitars Plugin for $99 $29.99
This all-in-one multi-effect guitar plugin - developed in collaboration with Grammy-winning engineer Chris Lord-Alge - can give you professional-sounding tone instantly. Grab it now at a ridiculous discount.View Deal

Get Waves' PRS Supermodels Plugin for $129 $39.99
Created in collaboration with Paul Reed Smith himself, the Waves PRS SuperModels plugin models three high-end PRS amps - the Archon, the Dallas and the Blue Sierra/V9. Act quickly and get the set for just $40.View Deal

Get Waves' Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel for $99 $29.99
Developed in collaboration with legendary producer and engineer Eddie Kramer, this plugin brings the best in '60s and '70s classic rock tone to your fingertips. Get it now at a 70% discount.View Deal

Get Waves' GTR Solo plugin for $49 $14.99
This plugin features models of amps by the likes of Fender, Vox, Marshall and more, plus distortion, modulation and ambient effects. At $15, it's an absolute steal.View Deal

Handy pedals

Bag DOD's Mini Volume pedal for just $34.99 at ProAudioStar
You can get almost 70% off this top-notch volume pedal in this unbelievable Black Friday deal. At this price, there's never been a better time to add a volume stompbox to your pedalboard.View Deal

20% off Walrus Audio pedals & power supplies at Sweetwater
Absolutely everything Walrus Audio currently produces is currently on sale over at Sweetwater, including new releases like the EB-10 Preamp/EQ/Boost and Slo multi-texture reverb, as well as the Phoenix and Aetos power supplies.View Deal

Save 15% on Friedman pedals and more
It's not just Friedman pedals lining up for discount, you can also pick up cut-price pedalboard power supplies, cab simulators and more.View Deal

DigiTech Trio+: was $329, now $249.95
You don’t need a band with DigiTech’s ingenious Trio+, which automatically generates bass and drum backing to your chord progressions - and it’s got a built-in looper to boot.View Deal

DigiTech SDRUM: was $129, now $89.95
The SDRUM creates footswitchable drum patterns around your guitar muting utilizing BeatScratch technology - no sticks required!View Deal

Bags and cases

Fender FA610 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag: $24.99
The FA610 is a stylish and affordable way to keep your acoustic guitar safe while traveling. The outer layer is constructed of tough 600 denier polyester that protects against impacts while avoiding ripping and tearing.View Deal

Fender FE620 Electric Guitar Gig Bag: now only $39.99
The FE620 is one of the best value cases you can buy for your electric guitar. Featuring a durable outer layer and a 20mm soft touch microfiber padded interior, your axe is sure to be completely safe no matter where you take it. View Deal