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Review: Danelectro ’59 Resonator Guitar

A Danelectro That Truly Resonates

Danelectro offers many stellar reproductions of their iconic guitars, most notably, The ‘64, ’66 and 1959 guitars, which many hip musicians and garage rockers have adopted as their primary go-to...

The Guitar That Prince Left Behind

The Guitar That Prince Left Behind

In 2007, Prince announced that he’d be in residence at London’s 02 Arena for 21 days to promote his Planet Earth album. It would be a monumental venture, with Prince playing to audiences of more...

Review: GTC Sound Innovations Revpad

We Check Out GTC's Sound Innovations Revpad

Although the very first XY pad controllers introduced more than 20 years ago were built into keyboard synthesizers and subsequent XY pads were designed for DJs and EDM artists, the XY pad is really...