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Three Essential Blues Scales

12-String King: Lead Belly’s Big-Bottom Blues

Lead Belly’s Big-Bottom Blues

In 1925, folk/blues phenom Huddie William Ledbetter, a.k.a. “Lead Belly,” won his way out of jail (he’d been convicted of murder) by way of a “pardon”—swayed by Lead Belly’s undeniable musical...

Improvising on a I-IV Chord Vamp

Improvising on a I-IV Chord Vamp

An element of endless fascination and discovery in developing one’s improvisational skills on the guitar is the many ways in which to negotiate chordal resolutions.

Why (and How) We Should Learn Slash's Guitar Habits

Learn Slash's Guitar Habits

A king’s crown is not always made of gold. Sometimes it’s made of black, majestic leather and sits atop a frazzled mane hiding a face us mere mortals are unworthy to completely glimpse.