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Unraveling the Mysteries of Chicago and Texas Blues Shuffles, Part 1

How to Play Some Muddy Blues

Born from the boogie-woogie sounds of jazz piano in the very early 20th century, the swinging shuffle groove is built from an insistent and repetitive forward-leaning rhythm that is generally...

Why (and How) We Should Learn Jimi Hendrix's Guitar Habits

Learn Jimi's Habits, Not His Riffs

Jimi Hendrix is the greatest guitar player of all time. That statement can rile up some people, but if you dissect Hendrix’s guitar sorcery and understand the complete lack of context he had to...

Focusing on Specific Fretboard Positions for Rhythm and Soloing

Focusing on Specific Fretboard Positions

Focusing on specific fretboard positions for rhythm and soloing As I stated last month, the are many different ways in which guitar players can navigate chord resolutions and likewise allude to...