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Adding the Major Third to Blues Licks in Ninth Position

Adding the Major Third to Blues Licks

In this third installment of our exploration of utilizing the major third of E, G#, as an additional tone within licks based on the E minor pentatonic scale (E G A B D) and E blues scale (E G A Bb...

Eerie Arpeggios, Part 4: The Spooky Sus4b2 Sound

The Spooky Sus4b2 Sound

As a chord reference, FIGURE 1 illustrates some finger-friendly Asus4b2 grips on the top four stings, with the open A string included and the first shape additionally shown 12 frets higher.

Anyone Can Speed Pick!

Anyone Can Speed Pick!

Imagine if you spend months building up slowly from 60bpm to 90bpm, trying to play everything perfectly, only to discover that your technique doesn’t allow you to increase that tempo. Put these...